Athol a new parish

Atholville is situated about 3km West of Campbellton and is really a Historic site
The first known MicMac village and burial ground of the area is found there
the indians moved their encampment to what is now called Ristigouche
a few miles down river on the opposite side in the mid 1750's

From 1785 to 1787, Shoolbred leased the property at Old Mission Point
to Samuel Lee..then in 1788, Shoolbred lost his title to the land
and Samuel Lee obtained a direct grant to it.

Shortly after, Lee set aside some land for the Old Athol House Cemetary about 1790
which is still there behind the Atholville Pulp Mill
The oldest stone reads 1791.

The Caledonian Society of Restigouche put the history of the Cemetary together
for the Memorial Service, held in 1972..
They have done a remarkable amount of work in and around this cemetary
in restoring stones to as close as their original state as possible

The old church in the old Athol Cemetary was first erected at Miller's Point
in order to be near the river, the only means of travel in those days.
It was built by the old settlers who carried out the logs on their backs,
and intended to do duty as schoolhouse and place of worship.
They afterward moved it to the "Pratts", and finally from there to the Athol house Cemetary area

Mr Young, a Church of England Minister "kept school" on work day nights
and preached on Sundays. He is reputed to have been very eloquent.
There is a tradition that he once received fifty pounds for a sermon in Montreal.
Also noted that his wife possessed a fine voice and taught the young people vocal music

In Atholville, you will find names such as
Arseneau, Bertin, Roy, Winchester, Gagnon, Poirier, Dion, Lagace, Guitard, Beaulieu
Richard, Nadeau, Young, and many more

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