` Carriers of Restigouche
Jean Carrier was born in 1640 in St. Onges, France.

He was married to Barbe Hallay on 14 Nov 1670 in Cathedrale de Quebec, Quebec, Canada. The name Carrier comes from the name given to a cart or waggon maker. Other spellings are Quarrier (ancient), Carriez (from the North, North-West of France and Carrie (Southern France)

The ancestor Jean Carrier was originally from Saint-Georges-des Costeaux, in Saintonge. He arrived in Nouvelle France in 1665 and worked for the Quebec Hospitalieres Nuns. Most of the settlers who arrived in Nouvelle France in the 1700's worked for the government, religious institutions or a rich settler.

At the time, the nuns had given refuge to a poor child named Barbe Hallay, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Hallay, first settler of that name and of Mathurine Valet. According to Lordship Francois de Monmorency-Laval and the Jesuites, she was possessed by the devil. She was put under the guardianship of Mother Catherine de Saint-Augustin. After several attempts at exorcism, the evil angel was finally driven out.

After her release, Barbe worked for a few years at Hotel-Dieu. She married Jean Carrier in the Cathedrale de Quebec in November, 1670. They established themselves in Levis and founded one of the largest families of the country. At the time of the 1681 census, the couple was established in the Lauzon Seigneury. Jean declared to be age 42 and Barbe 36. Their children were as follows: Ignace 7, Marie-Anne 2 1/2, Charles 1 and Barbe Girard 16. They farmed 15 acres of land, owned one musket and five heads of cattle. Barbe was burried in Lauzon, on June 18, 1696, after giving birth to four children. The dates and circumstances of Jean Carrier's death are unknown as no records remain on this subject.

Today, their descendants can be found in the Beauce, Lotbiniere, Dorchester, Bellechase counties as well as in Quebec City, Montreal, the Gaspe area, the Deux-Montagnes county and the Richelieu Valley.

Jean & Barbe's descendant Eugene Carrier, settled in Northern Ontario near Cochrane, where he married Rosilda Arsenault who came from Petit Rocher New Brunswick. They had 10 children - 8 sons and 2 daughters

Children of Jean Carrier and Barbe Hallay were:

1) Ignace Carrier
2) Marie-Anne Carrier
3) Charles Carrier
4) Jean Carrier

Jean Carrier son of Jean Carrier and Barbe Hallay, was born on 13 Dec 1682 in Levis Lauzon, Quebec. He was married to Jeanne Samson on 15 Apr 1705 in Contract Chamballon. Children of Jean Carrier and Jeanne Samson were:

1) Jean Carrier
2) Jacques-Charles Carrier
3) Joseph Carrier

Jean Carrier son of Jean Carrier and Jeanne Samson, was married to Louise Morin on 30 Oct 1727 in Levis, Lauzon, Quebec. Children of Jean Carrier and Louise Morin were:

1) Jean Baptiste Carrier
2) Jacques Charles Carrier
3) Louis Carrier

Jean Baptiste Carrier son of Jean Carrier and Louise Morin, was married to Suzanne Duquet on 18 Jun 1751 in Levis, Lauzon, Quebec.

Joseph Carrier son of Jean Baptiste Carrier and Suzanne Duquet, was born on 23 Mar 1757 in Levis, Lauzon, Quebec and he was married to Suzanne Hautbois on 15 Jul 1783 in Levis, Lauzon, Quebec.

Joseph Carrier son of Joseph Carrier and Suzanne Hautbois, was married to Marie Angelique Bourget on 17 Aug 1812 in St. Joseph, Levis, Quebec.

Joseph Pierre Carrier son of Joseph Carrier and Marie Angelique Bourget married Marie Zoe Tardif

Joseph Amable Carrier (son of Joseph Pierre Carrier and Marie Zo Tardif) was married to Margaret Hickey on 11 Oct 1864. Children of Joseph Amable Carrier and Margaret Hickey were:

1) John Carrier
2) Joseph M. Carrier
3) Charles Carrier
4) Xavier Carrier
5) Patrick Carrier

Joseph M. Carrier (son of Joseph Amable Carrier and Margaret Hickey) was married to Jane Mullaley (d/o John Mullaley and Margaret Godin) on 28 Apr 1890 in Nash Creek, New Brunswick. She was age 20 at the time and he was 23. Children of Joseph M. Carrier and Jane Mullaley were:

1) Joseph David Carrier

2) Charles Edward Carrier

3) Patrick Carrier

4) Edmond Carrier married Opal Godin

5) Jane Alexia Carrier

6) Mary Carrier

7) Elizabeth (Bella) Carrier.

8) Charlotte Carrier

9) Emma Carrier

Joseph David Carrier (son of Joseph M. Carrier and Jane Mullaley) who was born in Dec 1894. He died on 25 Jan 1970. He was married to Flora (Florine) Belliveau in May 1916 in Campbellton, New Brunswick. Children of Joseph David Carrier and Flora (Florine) Beliveau (daughter of Fred Beliveau and Mary Peters (Pitre?) of St Alexis P.Q.) were:

1) Rebecca Ann (Marguerite) Carrier married Leonard McGrath (now both deceased)
2) Ronald (Nocky) Carrier
3) CARRIER Doris (Dora) born Dec. 5/1922, bapt. Dec.10/1922. Died Aug. 17/1923, buried Aug.19/1923, aged 8 months. prst. A.Melanson
4) CARRIER Joseph Arnold born Dec. 2/1921 bapt. Dec. 4/1921. He married Stella Main, daughter of Daniel Main(e) (son of John and Barbara) and Lydia (Isobel) Charleston
5) CARRIER Joseph Arthur born May 15/1920, bapt. May 16/1920, Died Aug. 10/1920, buried Aug.12/1920, aged 3 moonths. prst. A.Melanson
6) CARRIER Joseph Vernal (Vernon) born Dec.1/1925 bapt. Dec. 6/1925.
7) CARRIER Mary Agreta (Greta) born June 3/1918, bapt. June 9/ 1918. Married Sept. 7/1958, Alfred GUITARD
8) CARRIER M. Dorval born Feb. 19/1930. bapt. Feb. 23/1930. (The following is sent to me by Peter Johannessen of Norway her nephew by marriage) She married my uncle, who was a Norwegian sailor. His name was Rolf Gunnar Johannessen I don`t know when they got married, but sometime in the late 50s I suppose. He died in 1980, and a few years later, she remarried to Arne Johnsen (also deceased now).
9) CARRIER Mary Hazel Ethel born July 1/1924, bapt. July 4/1924. Died Sept. 5/1924, buried Sept. 8/1924, aged 2 months. prst. L.Verret

10) CARRIER John Aylmer (Sam) Carrier, born June 12/1928, married Aug. 2/1948, Mary Therese J. ROY and a second marriage to Irene Doyle May 15/1986

11) CARRIER Francis who died in a motorcycle accident

12) CARRIER Geneva "Coke" married Romeo McGrath

13) CARRIER Kathleen who married Romeo Casey

14) CARRIER Dorothy who married Garnett Hamilton

15) CARRIER one girl who went by the name of Barley, not sure what her real name was, she died unmarried

Thanks to Jacqueline Lamoureux for a lot of the information on this family's background