Charlo is situated just East of Dalhousie

Its parish, called, Saint Francois Xavier is one of the oldest in Restigouche County
Charlo used to be called, Eel River or "Rivière a l'Anguille"
Although the church registers begin in 1853
this parish was a mission as of 1800

Many births, marriages and deaths entries for this area are found
in the Bona Arseneau books
such as
the "Registres de Carleton", first volume

Names to be found in this parish are:

Albert, Allain, Allard, Arseneau, Audet, Atkinson, Ayotte, Babin
Belanger, Bell, Bernard, Beckingham, Berthelot(te), Bertin, Berube
Bujold, Boudreau, Blais, Brimsical, Caissie, Callaghan,Carrier, Chouinard
Comeau, Connelly, Cook, Cormier, Cyr, Daly, Delaney, Dempsey, Desrosiers
Diotte, Doucet, Doyle, Drapeau, Dugas, Durette, Falls, Fitzgerald
Ferland, Ferlatte, Fontaine, Fournier, Gagnon, Gagne, Gallant, Gendron
Giroux, Goulet, Hache, Harquail, Hayes, Heppell, Hickey, Hynes, Joncas
King, Labillois, Laliberte, Landry, Lapointe, Lavallee, Laviolette
Lavoie, Lebel, Leblanc, Legouffe, Letourneau, Levesque, Maltais
Marcoux, Martin, McIntyre, McGovern, Mercier, Murphy, Nadeau
Ouellette, Parent, Parker, Pelletier, Philip(s)(pe), Plourde
Poirier, Richard, Roy, Silas, Savoie, Sleigher (Esleigher)
Thompson, Turcotte, Wood(s), White, Walsh

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