Francois Xavier COULOMBE son of Germain COULOMBE and the late Eshter BERNIER, of Cap St Ignace, P.Q., married in Dalhousie, NB, to Millicent HARQUAIL daughter of John Harquail and Emelie Laviolette, on Oct. 10/1899

Germain COULOMBE son of Germain/M. Victoire ST AUBIN m-25-July-1854 - Cap St Ignace - source-Claude Drouin Repertoire's Esther BERNIER - Germain/Veronique BERNIER

Germain COULOMBE - Clement/M. Ursule DUVAL m-2-Oct-1827 - L'Islet-sur-Mer - source-Repertoire of County of L'Islet, page 103 M. Victoire ST AUBIN - Jean-Baptiste/M. Raine COUTURE

Clement COULOMBE - Francois/Susanne VALIERE m-3-Oct-1785 - L'Islet-sur-Mer - source-Repertoire of County of L'Islet, page 103 M. Urrsule DUVAL - Auguste/Ursule TONDREAU

Francois COLUMBE - Alexis/M. Madeleine GROISARD m-7-Jan-1756 - St Pierre-du-Sud - Repertoire's, Dict. Drouin page 292 Susanne VALIERES - Jean/M. FISET

Alexis COLOMBE - Jean/Jeanne BALAN m-26-Jan-1733 - Berthier source, Dict. Drouin, page 292 M. Madeleine Groisard - Jean/Jeanne GUIGNARD

Jean COULOMBE - Louis/Jeanne BOUCAULT m-27-Apr-1706 - Montmagny source - Jette page 282 Jeanne BALAN - Pierre/Renee BIRET

Louis COULOMBE or COLOMBE - Jacques/Rolline DRIEU m-30-Sept-1670 - St-Famille, Ile Orleans source Jette page 281 Jeanne BOUCAULT - Nicolas/Marguerite THIBAULT

Jacques COULOMBE and Rolline DRIEU - LeNeubourg, Evreux, Paris. did not come to Canada

Francois Xavier COULOMBE and Millicent HARQUAIL's
children all in the Dalhousie birth registers.. :
1. Annie Virginie Coulombe , born Mar. 15/1914,died Nov.12/1916
2. Francois Xavier Coulombe, born July 3/1902
3. Jacques Arthur Coulombe born Apr. 19/1908
4. Jean David Augustin Coulombe born Mar. 27/1904
5. Joseph Emmanuel Coulombe born Sept. 8/1900
6. Marie Eleonore Coulombe born Aug. 15/1911
7. Marie Esther Coulombe born Mar. 21/1916
8. Samuel Coulombe born Apr. 1/1906

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