Dalhousie is located about 20km East of Campbellton and about 70km North West of Bathurst

The parish of Dalhousie was established in 1839 from the Addington parish
Church registers for Dalhousie begin in 1871

Dalhousie used to be called in MicMac , "Sickadomec" which means
"Place of bright Stones and many Shells"

In 1810 only 2 log cabins could be found in Dalhousie, around 1826 only about a dozen
Scotish and French settlers lived there
Some of the first settlers of Dalhousie area were John Elsager (Eslager), a German, and
his son-in-law Alexander Bain, Edward Harquail (then Hacquoil) and his son-in-law
J.B.Cameron, Charles McPherson, Captain John Hamilton, J.H. Montgomery and more

Dalhousie grew fast into a lumber port with ships arriving and leaving the port regularly
In 1832, a total of 52 vessels loaded lumber from the port, a large number for those years
The first lumber exporters were the Montgomery's, Captain John Hamilton, P. and D. Stewart
W.S.Smith, H. and P. Ramsay and A. and R. Ritchie

By 1855, about 150 homes had been built and over 1,000 people lived here
In the late 1800's, here are the Hotels which were built in Dalhousie
Clifton House, with J.M.McLoed, proprietor
Baie Des Chaleurs, with George E. Mercier as proprietor
Murphy's Hotel, with Thomas Murphy as proprietor

The principal lawyers were: J.C.H.Barbarie and James S. Harquail

There is also an Indian reserve neighbors to Dalhousie in Eel River Bar

Some of the familiar names to Dalhousie back then and now :
Albert, Ahern, Allain, Allard, Alwood, Anderson, Anglehart, Arseneau, Audfroy, Audet, Ayotte, Bois, Boudreau, Boucher, Brown, Bujold, Butler, Barberie, Barbour, Basque, Bateman, Bernard, Bernatchez, Blanchard, Cabot, Cayouette, Cady, Cameron, Caplan, Carrier, Chiverton, Clement, Clevette, Comeau, Connors, Cormier, Coulombe, Cragg, Cullen, Cyr, Daigle, Dedam, Delany, Diotte, Doucet, Dunn, Esligar, Foley, Gallie, Gaudet, Gallant, Gauvin, Ghiloni, Good, Hallet, Harquail, Hepell, Hickey, Jerome, Jones, Kelmon, Kimber, Labillois, Landry, Lapointe, Lavigne, Lebel, Leblanc, Letourneau, Levasseur, Levesque, Long, Lutz, McBain, McGarvie, McIntyre, McLoed, Mercier, Methot, Monzillo, Morin, Mortimore, Mauger, Murphy, Murray, Nadeau, Nelson, Nervie, O'Brien, O'Connell, O'keefe, Old, O'Neil, Ouellette, Palmater, Parent, Pitre, Philippe, Plourde, Poirier, Power, Pritchard, Rankin, Roy, Selesse, Savoie, Sleigher, St Onge, Synnette, Theriault, Turgeon, Troy, Valdron, Vallerand, Vallet, Vienneau, Wambolt, Warren, Wheeler, Willett, Wilson, Winchester and many many more

Picture of a Class of 1913 in Dalhousie

NB Tel's Phone Directory for Dalhousie 1905

Mills I remember by Leo Doucet

Here is a site, I'm not sure who put it up but its a really good history site
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