Adam Gerard Esq., of Restigouche where he resided for last 43 years
died at age 63, Nov. 25/1832

At age 27, on Feb. 23/1835, died at his father's home (the Attorney-general)
in Fredericton, Robert Hazen Peters Esq., attorney at law of Dalhousie

At Campbellton, suddenly died Dr. John Reeves of Exeter England
age 38 years, on Dec. 1/1840. He died of a blood vessel which bursted
in his lung. interred at Restigouche, had only been in Campbellton
a few months. He leaves to mourn a wife and three children

May 8/1841, died William Delaney, innkeeper

At Dalhousie, Restigouche, on Nov. 17/1843, Mr Charles McDonald
Harbour Master and tidewaiter of that port, and for a long time resident
and merchant of Miramichi, where he carried on business with Mr Ronald
Davidson under the firm of McDonald & Davidson.
He complained during the summer of shortness of breath and on an operation
being performed after his death, a lump or swelling was found in his throat
which was the cause of his dissolution... leaves a wife and family

At the Manse, Campbellton Apr. 12/1843, Ebenezer Collier a native of Scotland

At Campbellton, Sarah Campbell wife of McLaughline Sinclair died at age 35 on July 3/1843. she was a native of Glenelg, Inverness, Scotland. leaving a husband and 6 children

Mrs Gerrard died (1843) near Campbellton, aged 66 yrs

Restigouche, Sept. 11/1843, died at the residence of John Gerrard Mrs John Adams, relict of the late John Adams

At Rockvale cottage, Restigouche, on Dec. 7/1843, died Bridget Barker age 36, leaving 6 children, and wife of William Pollock

Donald McLaren, Mail courrier on Kempt Road, age 36, died Mar. 28/1845 He walked 97 and 3/4 miles from Metis to Ristigouche twice a week, with a bag of 35 to 40 pounds

Mc LALLEN Daniel s/o postillion (mail courrier), mail, courrier, died Jan. 28/1845 and was buried Feb. 17/1845 at Restigouche

*note* Would McLallen and McLaren be same family ?

Dalhousie, Feb. 17/1846, after a long illness, Mary widow of the late Perry Dumaresq, at age 56.

Tabusintac, Mrs Jane Mooers, wife of Mr William Mooers, a native of the United States, age 54 died May 13/1846.

At Long Island, Restigouche, Monday Mar. 30/1846, at age 44, Died Margaret Gordon, wife of David Mott, daughter of Mr William Gordon, Senior, Lower Districk, parish of Newcastle... 8 children..

At Dalhousie, June 29/1846, James M. Wilson, son of Mungo Wilson of Napan, Miramichi, aged 35. Left a wife and two small children.

At Dalhousie, Monday, July 12/1846, of apoplexy, Joseph Hunter, Esq., age 59, Deputy land surveyor, a native of Sligo.

At Campbellton, May 16/1848, Jane, infant daughter aged 14 months, of Mr C. Murray, merchant.

At Dalhousie, County Restigouche, on Wednesday Sept. 15/1848, Mary wife of Peter Stewart, Esq., and 3rd daughter of John Hamilton, Esq., 44 Clyde Bldgs, Glasgow.

Mrs Elizabeth Dodd of St Stephens, July 21/1849, at age 111 years. Arrived in 1784 with the loyalists.

Sept. 17/1849, Catherine wife of Mr William McGregor, innkeeper, Dalhousie.

Aug. 11/1850, At his home in Durham, John Dickie, farmer, 76 years, 34 years a resident here. The largest attended funeral ever witnessed in the county . He was a native of the parish of Dalry, County Ayr, in Scotland.

At Campbellton Dec. 27/1851, James Power, tailor, formerly of Miramichi, age 34 yrs, widow with one child.

June 8/1852, John Gordon, lumberer, a young man was drowned attempting to cross the main river of Restigouche on horseback.

On June 9/1852, The Captain of the brigantine Bowes, with two hands , were upset in a boat, and were all unfortunatly drowned. The bodies have not yet been found.

June 21/1852, Three hands from the barque Lord Byron entering the Bay.

At Point la Nim, near Dalhousie, June 28/1852, John Douglas, age 56, native of Blair Athol, Scotland, for many years captain in the Restigouche militia.

Nov. 7/1846
Private letters from Restigouche state that Captain Pypon of the Railway surveying party was unfortunately drowned in that river on Wednesday. He was crossing that river in a canoe, accompanied by a seaman and a boy, when the frail vessel in which they were voyaging unfortunately upset. The men succeeding in reaching the shore, and the boy took refuge on the bottom of the canoe from which situation he was shortly afterwards rescued. Captain Pypon, it appears, swam after his Portmanteau, and being much exhausted, was unable to reach shore, and thus terminated his life and important labours. The body of the unfortunate gentleman was shortly afterwards recovered. Lieutenant Hendreson, with the remains of his friend, passsed through Newcastle on Thursday last, on his way to Fredericton where we presume they will be intered. Captain Pipon, interred Fredericton with military honours, Sunday Nov. 8/1846.

Nov. 25/1856, fatal accident in Ritchie's steam mill, David Beatie, while assiting to place a plank before the circular saw, slipped and fell on the bench before it and survived only a few hours.

Suddenly at his residence Dalhousie on Sept. 25/1855, J.S. Waterhouse, Esq., surgeon, in the 37th year of his age, natuve of Sheffield, Yorkshire, came to Dalhousie a little more than seven years ago.

John Letourneau, scalded at Messrs W & J Ritchie's mill in Campbellton, when a boiler exploded, he died Sept. 21/1856

Sunday July 26/1857, at River Charlo, near Dalhousie, James McPherson, Esq., age 80 yrs. came to this country in 1819 and was consequently among the earliers as he was among the most successful settlers in Restigouche. He was a native of Cromarty, Scotland.

Aug. 21/1857, Margery age 35, wife of the late Peter Gray.

At Dalhousie on Aug. 22/1857, Jane Barclay, wife of Daniel Sadler Esq, age 49 yrs. Mrs Sadler was a resident of Chatham until about 8 years ago when she moved to Dalhousie with her family. A member of the Presbyterian church of Nova Scotia in Chatham. Leaves a husband and 6 children to mourn..

At Campbellton, Dec. 23/1859, Margaret wife of Denis Fitzgerald and daughter of Edward McTomney. Aged 22 yrs.

At his residence near Campbellton, July 7/1860, James Christopher JR., leaving a widow and 4 children.

At Campbellton, Restigouche, Aug. 31/1860, Donald McLeod, a native of Tabusintac, 56 years, leaves widow and children.

At Mountain road, Dalhousie, May 8/1861, Donald Fraser, farmer age 63, native of Blair Athol, Pertshire, resident of this county for 28 yrs.

Some from the Newspaper "The Gleaner" which covered from Miramichi
to Restigouche

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