PETITION County division:

Jan. 1837, a petition was signed by 195 inhabitants of Restigouche
sent to Fredericton, by Robert Ferguson and Perry Dumaresq asking for
the division of Restigouche and Gloucester counties (counties were
divided early 1838 )

March 1/1837, An Act passed to erect part of the County of Gloucester
into a seperate and distinct County. Boundaries from the mouth of River

Civil appointments following the division of counties

Justice of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas:
Perry Dumaresq, Robert Ferguson, John Montgomery, Dugald Stewart, Esqs.,

Justices of Peace:
Perry Dumaresq, Robert Ferguson, John Montgomery, William Flemming,
Peter Stewart, Arthur Ritchie, Archibald Ramsay, James Paul, Peter
Sutherland, Joseph Hunter, Esqs.,

High Sheriff:
James Paul, Esq.

Hugh Montgomery, Robert Ritchie, Esq.

Keeper of the Rolls and Clerk of the Peace and Inferior Court of Common Pleas:
Andrew Barberie, Esq.

Register of Deeds and Wills:
Andrew Barberie, Esq.

Surrogate and Judge of Probates:
James Paul, Esq.

From the Newspaper "The Gleaner" which covered from Miramichi to Restigouche

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