Dundee is situated a few km South East of Dalhousie
Its first settlers arrived in 1840 and although it is composed of mainly
french families now, it was English settlers who first came here.
As a matter of fact it got its name from Scotish settlers.
Probably feeling home sick, in memory of their own
DUNDEE, named their new home DUNDEE

This however was only half of the present parish
the second part called "bas-dundee" or "Lower Dundee"
The Irish who settled there called it Shannonvale
after a river from back home in Ireland

In those days you found names like Carroll, Taylor, Mooney
King, Ritchie, McInnis, or again McGovern
Today you find names like Leblanc, Nadeau, Dugas, Leclerc
Diotte, Pelletier, Allain, Savoie, Allard, Parker, Boucher
Marcoux, Audet, Arseneau, Theriault, Philippe and many more

Not to say there are no more English families there
you still find names such as McGarvie, or Gillis
but they are rare now

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