This Picture of the Officers of the North Shore Regiment of New Brunswick was taken in Maida Barracks, Aldershot, Hants, England in July of 1941

Father Hickey is seen here in the middle of the second row with the rest of this Regiment.
We also see here
Front row:
Captain Clint .C. Gammon, Captain Al MacMillan, Capt. William Sullivan, Major Archie MacNaughton, Major William Anderson, Lt Col. J. Calkin, DO, Capt. R. Forbes, Major George Stothart, Capt. H. Hachey, Capt. Ernest Anderson, Capt. W. Taylor.

Middle Row:
Lt. R. Loggie, Lt. R. Sansom, Lt. A. Michaud, Lt R. Ross, Capt. G. Mann, Hon. Capt and Patre R. M HICKEY, Capt. Charles Duffy, Lt. C. MacCallum, Lt. L. Belliveau, Lt. Walter Lawson, Lt. G. Bell and Lt. Richard Palmer.

Back row:
Lt. R. Daughney, Lt. L. Robichaud, Lt P.L. Chiasson, Lt. A. Powers, Lt J. Gough, Lt R. O'Brien, Lt K. Ferris, Lt. R. J. Cormier, Lt. H. Leblanc, Lt. William Pell, Lt. Frank Maher, Lt. William Teed, Lt. R. MacDonald, Lt. Louis Roy.

I wonder how many of these handsome men came back alive ?