In 1933, an Archaeologist made an investigation of part of the old Indian burial-ground on the bank of the Saint John River at the west end of Fredericton and found within a very small space, 7 skeletons he pronounced to be male Indians..dead 2 or 300 years before and all had a broken skull.. probably the results of Mohawk raids..

Although the Indians were under the surveillance of the priests, they were necessary to the St John River as they were the source of wealth, FURS...

France (St Malo) sent fur traders to the St John as early as 1606, but the King Louis wishing to keep this source fo wealth for the crown made the Indians the sole people to obtain the skins. in 1627 the fur-trade was given to a government chartered company. Often by necessity, the law was broken by all, even priests. Trading posts were established on the river at different periods.

D'Aunay Charnissay seized Fort Latour in 1645 from the desire to have its lucrative trade in furs. In 1659, Sir Thomas Temple caused a fortified fur-station to be established at the mouth of the Jemseg .

In 1693 a company called "Company of Acadia" built a trading post opposite Fort Nachouac with managers Martel and Baptiste ?.... so in 1693 a white man built on the future site of Fredericton..