Northampton Parish

It extended down the St John River as far as the Nackawick.

Some of the disbanded Queen's Rangers were some of the first settlers of Northampton. and they were Capt. John Whitlock, John Simcoe McLaughlan, Richard Sears, John Kenney Quarter master William McLaughlan, and John Thornton, who had grants above the Nackawick. A number of them had grants below the Nackawick in the parish of Queensbury, and one of its principal founder was Lieut. Col. Richard Armstrong. He built a grist mill there , then moved to Fredericton and put the property in Queensbury for sale in 1798. The other officers of the Queen's Rangers in Queensbury area were Capt. Daniel Morehouse and Eneas Shaw. While Capt. John McKay lived a bit above Northampton.

In 1789, Rev. John Beardsley came up the St John river and stopping in to some of the houses in Northampton, baptised over 40 children and adults from these families.

Dr. John Larlee, William Guerrier, Alexander Bate, Anthony Manuel, James Craig, Peter Newton, William McLaughlan, Anthony Manuel, John Tompkins, Christopher Ferro, William Hudgins, Joseph Cunliffe, Jacop Tompkins and Richard Stears.

Here are some other early settlers of Northampton:
Alexander Kearney, Alexander Sharp, Dr. John Larlee, Samuel Payne and Samuel Merril, Arden Dickson, Tamberlane Campbell, Alexander Sharp, James Dyer, John Brown and Robert Philips.

Judge Joshua Upham married Mary Chandler in 1792
Samuel Denny Street married Abigail Freeman in 1778
Rev. John Millidge and Ann Botsford married in 1797

Dr John Larlee came from New England in 1766 to Maugerville then moved to Northampton shortly after 1783, where he was the only Dr. for about 30 years. He had for children Margaret, John, Elizabeth, Susan, Samuel and Jane. and they were all born in Burton. His eldest daughter married Amos Gates Sept. 27/1792
Jane married Joseph Woolverton, Nov. 17/1798
His wife died at age 96 in 1842.

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