Homicides in and around Restigouche County

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Here are a few:

NELSON, Stewart: 38 was shot to death Saturday September 7, 1957 while in the company of a Miss Marjorie Ayles of Atholville.It happened at an abandoned farm just off Gulch Road, Campbellton, NB. They were seated at the time. Arthur Parker, driver of the ambulance, owned by the local funeral home, was questioned as to what he had seen at the scene, upon his arrival.

One of the more notable crimes associated with Restigouche occured when Clifford Ayles, formerly of Atholville, murdered David Allisson of Saint John. Allission was stabbed 16 times in the grisley crime on October 20, 1955. Ayles was executed for the crme in November, 1956. Mr Ayles was formerly of Atholville, NB.

Sept. 13, 1923
James G. Goodin, whose body was found among some logs in Jacquet River, NB., near the west highway bridge on Sunday. It was at first believed he had died of foul play or was murdered, but the Coroner ruled out these possibilities. At the inquest the verdict was that the young man had died from unknown causes. The deceased was 35 and is survived by a widow and 4 children. Funeral services were on Tuesday morning. Later there were orders to have the body exhumed and a post -mortem examination was performed, which showed he had a fractured skull and other evidence of being badly beaten.