Jacquet River is situated about 50km West of Bathurst and 25km East of Dalhousie
Across the Restigouche River on the Quebec side, (about 25 km across) are the towns of
Maria and Carleton

Captain Jacob Nash is listed in the 1851 census of Restigouche county as having been here
since 1800. Although there is no proof of him ever living in Nash Creek, he gave the place
its name and he lived in a small little community a few km west of here called Black Point

Nash Creek in MicMac "Soonagede" meaning little place of Cranberry

Nash Creek situated a few km West of Jacquet River is very closely related to it
when it comes to church registers. Nash Creek being the oldest of the two parishes
with entries beginning on Feb. 12/1867 and Jacquet River's first are Nov. 1886
Keep in mind when doing research also that the parish of Nash Creek was transfered
to Jacquet River between the following dates Dec. 22/1890 and Mar. 25/1907
Then it was a parish on its own again after Mar. 25/1907