Campbellton/Restigouche Judiciary

Historical Overview

The Restigouche Barrister's Society has contributed substantially to the evolvement of the Judicial system in Restigouche County and the Judicial District of Campbellton. Prior to the establishment of the Provincial Court, cases were heard by Town Magistrates. The earliest records show the Magistrates who sat in Campbellton were:

Town Magistrates

*Francis F.Matheson 1902-1920.
*M. Alonzo Kelly 1921-1930
*Benoit Michaud 1931-1935
*John Ryan 1935-1940
*J. Thomas Troy 1941 - 45

County Magistrates

In 1945 the Town Magistrate system was abolished and replaced by County Magistrates. The first and only County Magistrate for Restigouche was J Thomas Troy who served from 1945 to 1967.

Provincial Court Judges

In 1967 The Provincial Court system was introduced. The following Provincial Court Judges presided over courts in Campbellton, Dalhousie and St. Quentin

*J. Thomas Troy 1945-71 (became the first Chief Provincial Court Judge
* Lewis Ayles 1971-1983
* J. Edgar Somers 1983-1985
Gladys Young 1985-1995
*Pierre Arsenault 1988 to present, Appointed Chief Judge, 2014
*Steven Hutchinson 1995 to present
*Pierre Dube 2003 to present
Deputy Provincial Court Judges

From 1970 to present the Provincial Court Judges were assisted by the following Deputy Provincial Court Judges:

*J H Wilfred Senechal
*J. Albert Robichaud
*Peter J. Dykeman
*Terrence Delaney

County Courts and Supreme Courts

While the Provincial Court dispensed justice in criminal and statutory matters, civil cases were overseen by both the County Court and the Supreme Court of Queen's Bench depending upon the amount in dispute or relief sought. Restigouche County was part of the tri-county judicial District of Northumberland Gloucester and Restigouche up until 1980 when the County Court was merged with the Supreme Court of Queen's Bench. In 1983 The Judicial District of Campbellton was established. The County Court Judges who sat in Restigouche County were:

County Court Judges William Creaghan 1962-1968
*John N. Bugold 1968-1975. Elevated to the N.B. Court of Appeal 1975 -1985
Guy Richard 1975-1978. Elevated to the NB court of Appeal 1978-1982 and became Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench1982-1998

Supreme Court of New Brunswick Queen's Bench

The Supreme Court Judges who sat in the Judicial District of Campbellton were:

Jean Claude Angers 1980-1983. Elevated to the NB Court of Appeal 1983-1995
*Lewis Ayles 1983-85 elevated to the NB court of Appeal 1985-2002
Paul Godin 1985
*Margaret Larlee 1985-1988 elevated to the NB court of Appeal 1988 2013
Gladys Young 1995-2012
Raymond Guerette 2005-2013
Tracey DeWare 2012 to present

Federal Court of Canada
*Edmond P. Blanchard

Appointed Judge of the Federal Court of Canada, Trial Division and ex officio member of the Court of Appeal, October 5, 2000. Judge of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada since December 13, 2000, and member of the Competition Tribunal since October 29, 2002. On July 2, 2003, he became a Judge of the Federal Court. On September 17, 2004, he was appointed Chief Justice of the Court Martial Appeal Court of Canada.

*Judges who were members of the Restigouche Barristers Society prior to their appointment

*J. Roger McIntyre

Appointed judge of the Provincial Court in 1985 for the Judicial District of Moncton. In 1990 he was appointed to the Queen’s Bench Division of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick for the Judicial District of Bathurst. He became a Supernumery Justice in 2006.

Update regarding the Queen’s Bench Judges in Restigouche.

Justice Tracy DeWare’s term ended in June 2014

Larry Landry, Q.C. of Dalhousie was sworn in On March 6,2015

Many thanks to Richard "Dick" Tingley for the work done on this file. Richard is one of Campbellton's ex Mayor (1980-83).

Updated March 2015