Il était un p'tit cordonnier
Once upon a cobbler

Romeo Losier

Born November 25/1905, one of 16 children of Juste Losier and Victorine Paulin de St Isidore, NB.

He married Nov. 23/1936 Anne Berthelot daughter of Joseph Berthelot and Aldea Cyr.

Romeo came to Campbellton looking for work in 1932 learnt the trade of "shoemaker", met the love of his life and stayed here. I can still see his big leather apron which protected his tall slim figure, little glasses on the tip of his nose and a big smile for us kids.

He is still alive in 1999, still smart, walks every day. He has been a widower sine 1990 or 1991.

Romeo had for siblings:
(1) Adeline born Apr.2/1896, died April 7/1924. She married Albert Losier s/o Clement and Adeline Chiasson.

(2) Lorette born Sept. 17/1897, died 1 yr later

(3) Marie Anne born Apr. 2/1899, died 1988 at Rogersville. She married Emmanuel Arsenault

(4) Alfred born July 24/1900, died July 8/1990. He married twice: (1) Felonise Godin d/o Edmund, and second (2) Laura Trudel d/o Hercule and Marie Julie Savoie on April 5/1984

(5) Lina born Feb.20/1902, she married Patrick Gallant at Amesburry, Mass., USA, July 20/1925

(6) Emilien born Jan. 27/1904, died 1982. He married Beatrice Soucy on Oct. 12/1921

(7) Leonie Jan. 14/1907, she married Achille Cormier on Aug. 6/1946

(8) Alphonse born Feb. 3/1908, died April 1982. He married Sept. 13/1948 to Emma Legere d/o Theotime and Carmelle Melanson.

(9) Maria born Oct. 2/1909, died Nov. 4/1945

(10) Olesine born Sept. 11/1910

(11) Marie Louise born Oct. 15/1911, died Oct. 25/1911

(12) Auguste born Jan. 30/1913, married May 2/1941, Fernande Savoie d/ughter of Joseph and Leocade Hache

(13) Albert born Mar.21/1914, married April 10/1939 to Lucie Rioux, daughter of Pierre and Philomene Legresley. He died Feb. 27/1991

(14) Alexandrine, born Sept. 5/1916, died July 31/1956, never married

(15) Eva born Oct. 11/1918, married May 12/1941 to John Duke son of Samuel and Whilhelmine Rioux