A Little Of The MacDougall History
By Alice McKeil

Alexander MacDougall senior, came from the Isle of Mull, off the coast of Scotland, to Prince Edward Island, around the year 1830. He married a girl by the name of MacIntyre. They had a large family- most of which were born on the Island.

They later moved to Little Pabos, a small village near Chandler, on the Gaspe Coast of Quebec. More children were born there but his wife had died.

He decided to move further inland along the Restigouche River. He bought land in Sillersville along with an island on the Restigouche ,which was called Long Island. Sillersville is a small community a few miles east of Matapedia, Quebec and just across the river from Flatlands, N.B.

He built a home, started farming, moved his family and remarried. This time to Margaret Sillars. They did not have any children but did adopt a boy and named him Alexander Jr.

Alexander Sr. died around 1900 and was buried at Church Point (Atholville) in the church cemetery. The church, located on this point of land, was built by the surrounding communities from both sides of the river.


Tom MacDougall married and migrated to U.S.A.

Catherine MacDougall- married Robert Lee of Saint John, N.B. Their descendents are

still to be found in that area.

Ann MacDougall –married Albert McKay of Rothsay, N.B.Their descendents are there.

Jane MacDougall married a Mr. McEachern from Charlottetown P.E.I. At least one child,


Sarah MacDougall – married twice-MacDonald and Elliot. Descendents of both marriages

are found in Escuminac, Que

Neil MacDougall – married Mary Ann MacDonald, settled in Barnaby River, N.B. 7 children-

Tom- married Victoria Graham-Barnaby River,N.B.

Neil- married Barbara Vierarcher. Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Christina – married Charles Gilker Campbellton,N.B. 6 children-

Mary Ann (Mayme) Nobel 1903-1997

Malcolm (Mack) Gilker 1913-1997

William - settled in Antigo, U.S.A.

Sarah- married James Clark-2 sons- Ontonagon, Mich. U.S.A.

Mary- married Francis Gorman -2 sons –Milwauki, U.S.A.

Katherine- married Patrick Daley- 5 children –Barnaby River, N.B.

Annie, Frank, Helen, Tom & Mary 1913-1997

Some descendents are: Mrs Helen Kasmarick, Wisconsin;

William MacDougall, Wisconsin

Mrs. Leonard (Francis) Cable – Vancouver, B.C.

Alexander MacDougall 1864-1926

Married 1900

Jane Adams 1873-1969

1 child

Olive 1908-1987

Alexander and family lived on his father’s farm but was a woodsman. He headed up lumber camps for Shives Mills and later for J.D. Harquail, working most of the time out of Kedgwick, N.B.

Olive MacDougall 1908-1987


Hiram Firlotte

2 children

Olive and Hiram continued living at the homestead, caring for her elderly parents.

Jean 1936 married Dr. Alex Kennedy. Live in Ontario

Dougall 1931 married Della Irvine. 3 children. Lived in Sillarsville, Que.Divorced.

Married Jean Brown. 2 children-Gale, Marie, Dale,Nelson & Scott.

Allan MacDougall 1853-1941


Mary Muir 1863-1929

9 children

Allan and Mary got property in Tide Head, N.B. just above Christopher Brook. They built a beautiful home on the crest of the hill overlooking the Restigouche River. They were

prosperous farmers with cattle, horses, chickens, goats and a few sheep. They also had apple orchards and large vegetable garden. The home was two and a half stories high with a dorm window down the front, white shingled with black roof. The western side of the house was covered with vines, and the lilac and honeysuckle bushes grew in profusion.

Mary was a homemaker raising their nine children as well as doing her share of farm work.

Allan was a farmer but also worked outside the farm at the Flatland’s Fish Hatchery and worked with the C.N. Railway when they ran track through Tide Head up through Morrissey Rock helping with the blasting of the tunnel.

Mary died at the age of 66. Allan outlived Mary by twelve years and died in 1941.He lived to be 88 years old, staying in his old home, His daughter Elsie and son-in-law Pat had moved in home

When they married so were there to continue with the farming and look after him in his senior years

In 1948 the old home was torn town and a new one built on the same site. Elsie’s son Harold and his wife Jean now live on the farm. In 1997, they did a huge renovation job making it into a showplace with views from all windows worth millions.


Daniel 1884-1959- 75 years old-----lived in Regina Sask.

Claude 1887-1970--83 years old----lived in Regina Sask.

Willard 1890-1977--77 years old---lived in Toronto, Ont.

Hilda---1892-1966--74 years old---lived in Campbellton,N.B.

Hazel--1896-1983---87 years old---lived in Atholville, N.B.

Elsie---1899-1959---60 years old---lived in Tide Head, N.B.

Lea-----1902-1953---5l years old---lived in Tide Head, N.B.

Gordon 1910-197l---6l years old---lived in Regina Sask.


Daniel Alexander MacDougall


Eva May Price 1902-1994

no children

Dan and Eva took up residence in Regina ,Sask. He worked for the C.P. Railway as a conductor on passenger trains until his retirement in1949. He owned and operated a service station and a coal supply depot as well as real estate in Regina.

Eva was a registered nurse, graduating from the Soldiers Memorial Hospital, Nursing School of Campbellton in 1927.After her marriage and move to Regina, she retired from nursing only returning to it in the 1950's. After Dan's death, she moved to Whitby, Ont.(to be near her brother, Alton)She kept her apartment until two years before her death. Ill health forced her to reside in a nursing home. Both she and Dan are buried in the Campbellton Rural Cemetery in the Allan MacDougall plot.

Claude James MacDougall


Stella Brown 1897-1998

3 Children

Claude moved west in the 1930's. Got work with the C.P. Railway,worked his way up the ladder until he was part of management for many years before his retirement. Claude and Stella also ran a wheat farm ,

living on the farm during the summer and moving into the city for the winter.

Stella was born in Roland, Manitoba and trained as a nurse at the Regina General Hospital. Both are buried in Regina.

Allan married Joan Mercer. Lives in Oshawa, Ontario.-- 4 children

Janice married Rick Clark. Lives in Orangeville, Ont

Patricia married Paul Kennedy. Lives in Ventura, California

Catherine Lives in Toronto, Ont.

Robert married Rhonda ? Lives in Whitby, Ont.

Helen married Ralph Andor. Lives in Willodale, Ontario --1 child

Bruce married Beth ? Lives in Toronto,Ont.

Irene married Allan Witherspoon . Lives in Regina. no children

Willard Allan MacDougall


Marion Miller --1996

5 children

Willard and Marion lived in Tide Head, on the old homestead property. Willard worked for the Restigouche Boom Company until 1947-48 when he moved his family to Toronto. He died in 1967. Marion moved back to Tide Head. After a short time,due to highway changes(straightening and widening) her home had to be moved, she sold the house and moved to Campbellton to live with her daughter Erlene. She trained to be a Nursing Assistant. But turned to her true calling-cooking. She worked for many years as a cook at the fishing lodges along the Restigouche River. Both are buried in the Campbellton Rural Cemetery in the Allan MacDougall plot.

Allan 1929-1993 married SharonVanderburg. Lives in Toronto. 2 children

Bruce and Daniel

Erlene 1931- married Stan Grudinski Lived in Ontario. Divorced-moved to Campbellton

Sharon, Roselee,Michael, and Gayle

Mildred 1933- married Bedford Farrer. Lives in Clarkston, Ontario. 3 children

Guy, Larry and Richard

Willard(Buddy) 1935- married Doreen Pickles. Lives in Clarkston, Ontario. 2 children

Stephen and Karen

Evelyn 1945- married Boyd Pollock. Lives in Burlington, Ontario 2 children

Starr and Rodney.

Hilda Elizabeth MacDougall


Jack Underhill 1883-1963

4 children

They lived all their married life at 29 George St., Campbellton. Jack was an avid horse racer-owning his own horses and taking part in all pacer races in eastern Canada and United States. He was a business man, owning and operating, over the years, a garage, service station and White Star Taxi Company.

Hilda was a homemaker and a seamstress/dressmaker of note. Along with this, she kept roomers and boarders. Both are buried in the Campbellton Rural Cemetery.

Grant 1918-1990 married Rita Leger Lived at 29 George St. 1 child


Opal 1920- married Ernest (Scottie) Russell. Live in Cambell River, B.C. 2 children

Robin and Cheryl

Carl 1924- married Carol Fearon. Lived in Campbellton. 2 children

Starr and Harley (dec)

Divorced- married Mildred Dickson. Live in Moncton, N.B. 1 child


Hubert - 1929-1967 - unmarried. Killed in a car/train accident. Buried in Campbellton Rural Cemetery


Lillian Jane MacDougall


Lillian Jane died at the age of 3 years old. She is buried at the Campbellton Rural Cemetery in the Allan MacDougall plot.

Hazel Sarah MacDougall



Leslie Myles 1894-1971

3 children

Reggie- 1925-1932

Ralph –1922- Married Gertrude Dae. Lived in Wasaga, Ontario 3 children

Judith, Susan and Deborah

Mary -1927- Married Arnold Jagoe. Lived in Atholville, N.B. 5 children

Terrance - April, 24,1952- Dec.25, 1995

Bruce - June 12, 1953-Nov. 26, 1953

Kevin – June 28, 1955-

Stephen – Oct. 9, 1957 –

Jane July 19,1968 – married (1999) Cliff Bowers

Arnold Jagoe was the son of Jane (Pratt) and Perley Jagoe. He and Mary moved into the old homestead on their marriage. The old home has been completely renovated, a lot of the front farm acreage has been sold and although the huge barn still stands, it is rented out for storage rather than house the animals.



Elsie May MacDougall 1899-1959


Patrick Casey 1891-1993

3 children

Elsie and Pat moved in with her parents when they were married. Resided until their deaths at the old MacDougall homestead in Tide Head, N.B. They lived in the old farmhouse until 1946 when they built their new home on the same site.

Elsie was a homemaker, staying at home-raising her 3 children, and doing her share of the farm work. She was there to tend to her aging parents. Pat worked for the Restigouche Boom Company until his retirement in 1956. He turned to his farm in a small way. Had a large vegetable garden, cut his own winter’s wood etc. up until he was 100 years old. For his last two years, he was not as active physically but was mentally as smart as he had been all his life. He was interested in the world news as well as the local gossip. Still enjoyed a good laugh and a good pipe. Both are buried in the Campbellton Rural Cemetery.

Allan – 1926 – 1928 married ? Lived in Prince Rupert B.C. 4 children.

Lorraine, Milton, Ronald and Patty

Harold- 1929 - - married- Jean Fearon. Live in Tide Head. No children

Eva 193l - - married Allan MacKenzie. Live in Tide Head 1 child


Gordon Neil MacDougall 1911-1971


Dorothy Turner (Flynn Flon, Man.)

1 child

They resided in Regina. Gordon worked with an oil company as a truck driver. He had to take early retirement due to lung problems. He spent the last few years of his live on an oxygen tank.

Dorothy worked all her married life as a secretary/bookkeeper for different companies.


Lea Christina MacDougall 1902-1953

Married 1923

Charles Maynard Price 1899-1956

5 Children

Lea was a homemaker as well as a hairdresser. She owned and operated her own shops in Campbellton and Bathurst. During the early 40’s she moved her family to Montreal to be closer to Maynard while he was stationed in Arvida, Que with the Army.

Maynard was a veteran of two world wars. Joining up at 15 years old, he celebrated his 16th birthday in London, England. On his return to Canada, he settled in Campbellton, working at Millican’s Garage (on Water Street) as a mechanic. He met and married Lea in 1923.They had four children- the twins dying within days of their birth. Maynard joined the army in 1939 but was too old for overseas duty so was with the Home Guard in Canada-guarding P.O.W,s. in N.B. and Arvida.

On Maynard’s discharge, they bought a home in Tide Head (3 Maple Lane) where they lived until their early deaths. They adopted a son, Richard in 1948.

Alyuna – 1927 - married Eldridge Geldart Live in Tide Head- 5 children

Michael, Kathy, Susan, Nancy and Andy

Alice – 1933 - Married Alvin McKeil. Live in Campbellton. 4 children

Daniel, Charles, Gordon and Timothy

Warren 1938-1938

Scott l938-1938

Richard 1948 - married Nancy Carr Lived in Edmonton 2 girls divorced married Barbara Magu

Leah and Stacy

Hi Irene,  

I just came across the geneology for the MacDougall family on the website.  I just wanted to let you know that Williard MacDougall's daughter Erlean (spelled as written here) had 4 children, Michael, Sherry, Rose, and Gail (this is their birth order).  I hope you will be able to make this correction.   

Thank you.  And thank you for writting down this information as well.  My mother and I were just talking about how we don't really know much about the family's history.  Do you have any more information about the Miller family?   

I forgot to mention that Erlean and Stanley were never divorced, only separated.  He died in Manitoba not too long ago, and she still resides in Campbellton.  

Thanks again,
Pam Betteridge