When New Brunswick was established in 1784 it was divided into eight counties
The population grew, the counties were divided and new counties set up
These counties are subdivided into civil parishes similar to American townships.

Here you will find New Brunswick Counties and some of their Parishes..

Click on this map to view some communities of NB as they are today. Click on the years to view maps of the counties for each year mentionned, and right click on maps to save...

In 1786 New Brunswick had eight (8) counties. Northumberland York Sunbury Queens Kings Saint John Charlotte and Westmorland

In 1827 when Northumberland county was divided in three Gloucester Kent counties were born

In 1838 Restigouche and Carleton counties were established

From 1873 to date, New Brunswick is composed of fifteen (15) counties with Madawaska Victoria and Albert being the latest additions

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