At Glasgow, Feb. 6/1834, John Montgomery Esq, married Eliza Hamilton d/o John Hamilton all of Dalhousie

Aug. 6/1833, at Dalhousie, Perry Dumaresq, Esq., lieutenant R.N.,
Sub-collector of Her Majesty's custom, married Mary Stewart, daughter of Charles Stewart, Esq., of Princetown, P.E.I.

Dec. 28/1838, married at the Athol House, Atholville, NB, John Fraser, Esq., of Bathurst to Elizabeth Ferguson d/o Robert Ferguson Esq.,

Oct. 16/1839, at Claremont, Dalhousie, A.M.Patrick Coughlan, Barrister-at-law, married Sarah Caroline Cornwall d/o of M.B. Cornwall of county of Westmorland

Dec. 25/1839, at Dalhousie, William Hamilton Esq., married Jane McEwen

Arthur Ritchie Esq., merchant, married Annabella O'Hara, d/o Oliver Esq., collector of His Majesty's customs, Gaspe. married at Bellevue house in Dalhousie Apr. 21/1840 Also on April 16/1873 an Arthur Ritchie married Henrietta Duncan of Campbellton d/o Henry and Jane Duncan.

At Carleton, Dist. of Gaspe, Apr. 27/1841, Patrick Green of Dalhousie NB married Marian Labillois, d/o T.M. Labillois Esq., of Villeneuve Cottage, Miguasha, dist. of Gaspe

Nov. 1/1842, at the residence of A. Barberie, Esq., Dalhousie A.M. Chipman Botsford Esq., Barrister at Law married Emily Cornwall d/o Mr. Mansfield B. Cornwall of Westmoreland

At Campbellton, Dec. 1/1842 William S. Smith Esq., merchant of Dalhousie married Matilda Campbell d/o Alexander Campbell

Feb. 8/1843 at the residence of William Branch, James M. Wilson Esq., of Dalhousie married Elisa Bell Beck of Little River Gaspe

At Point Le Lemne (LaNim) Restigouche on July 12/1843, James McCurdy married Margaret Longwell

At Bathurst, Aug. 2/1843, William McMullen of Durham , Restigouche county married Mary Murphy of Durham also

At Jacquet River, Oct. 14/1847, By Rev. James Steven, James McNair, widower, to Miss Lydia Bishop

At Restigouche, Oct. 19/1847, Mr Laughlin McLean to Rebekah Mann

At Campbellton March 28/1850, John Duncan Gerrard to Miss Marie Andrew.

April 24/1850 Campbellton, David John Fraser to Miss Arizel McDonald.

At Chatham, on Thursday July 17/1850, Rev. Richard Vereker married Thomas O'Kane, teacher and formerly of Fredericton, to Rebecca, 4th daughter of William Cranney, Esq..

At Loch Broom (?) , in the County of Restigouche, Aug. 8/1850, James Fraser to Isabelle Thompson, both of Dalhousie.

At Campbellton, by Rev. James Stevens, Nov. 7/1851, John Smith to Isabella Dempster, both of Campbellton.

By Rev. J. Stevens, John Bennet, master of Restigouche Grammar School, to Helen eldest surviving daughter of David Saddler, Esq., Deputy Surveyor of Crown lands.

At Campbellton April 1/1852, By Rev. John Prince Francis Gaudin to Eva Young, Oak Point, Restigouche.

At Eel River, Nov. 26/1846, John Grant to Elizabeth McLaggan, both of Dalhousie.

Some from the Newspaper "The Gleaner" which covered from Miramichi to Restigouche

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