as he was mostly called
In 1891, elected 3rd Mayor of Campbellton
This was not an easy year as it was the year
that smallpox ravaged the Campbellton and Gaspe area
He ordered that travel between the two areas be restricted
He was 9 times re-elected between the years 1891 to 1902
He had 6 brothers and 4 sisters

Born 1849 son of William Alexander died 1909
he married Lucy Walsh/Welsh who was born 1851 and died 1910

His son Charles A Alexander born 1880 died 1945
and he was married to Janet Campbell
who was born 1879 and died 1966

His son John Francis was born 1893 and died 1894

A.E. was in the lumbering business
His son Charlie operated the "Alexander and Sons Hardware" store
and in 1918 Charlie himself became mayor of Campbellton

He was such a good businessman he had such people as
Dr. Daniel Murray, McGillevery McDonald and William Murray
join him on the Town Council and they later all took turns
becoming mayors of Campbellton.

While he was Mayor, the town of Campbellton had their
Electric Power Plant erected

Council was always fighting with the "Shives" company
who owned a Mill. Citizens signed petitions to have
the Shives stack made safer because of the emitions from it.
It was later ordered to install fire safety equipment
or his mill would have to be shut down, after many warnings
by Council, Shives sold his mill

1897 also brought the visit of Lord and Lady Aberdeen
which meant a lot of preparation and work on the part
of the City Council

He was also involved in a heated issue involving the
Restigouche and Western Railway and the Restigouche
and Railway Bridge Company. After some heated discussions
Mayor Alexander stormed out of the meeting and resigned
In the summer of 1898, his resignation was accepted
but 6 days later Mayor Alexander walked in and chaired
a meeting. By August, he was back in the chair again
and again some trouble stormed up between him and the
councillors and they replaced him, after he vacated the chair
with William W. Doherty an Irish millowner.
About 1 1/2 year later he ran for mayor again and was
elected again with a majority of only 1 vote

Mayor Alexander put forward the town's first by-laws
requiring building permits within the city in 1901

In 1902, Council gave the following names to Campbellton
streets: Duke, Wellington, Argyle, Duncan, McMillan, Central
Minto, Roseberry, O'Leary, BayView, Aberdeen, King, Pleasant
Ritchie, Sugarloaf, Victoria, Union, Adam, Cedar, Andrew
Stanley, Queen, Prince William, Water, Ramsey etc.....

And 1902 was the last year Mayor Alexander was elected
to his post

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