McLatchey is a surname
found in Campbellton in its early days
There was a Judge Henry McLatchey
He was married to Frances Sowerby
They had about 6 children who grew up in Campellton
one of them was Judge Bernard McLatchey
Frances Sowerby was a daugher of Jim Sowerby
who owned saw mills in Campbellton & Oak Bay from 1877 to 1916.

Thanks to Dawn for the above info

Henry F. McLatchey son of James and Harriet
McLatchy was born in Albert county around 1858
he married Sept. 3/1890
to Frances E Sowerby, daughter of James and E. Sowerby
Frances was born around 1867 in Kent County NB.

While the 1891 census shows us there was one such family
In Addington parish, that of
Henry McLatchey and Fannie, Henry is shown as being a lawyer
and 33 years old, Fannie is listed as being 23

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