On June 13/1848, John Mowat married Elizabeth Moores. He was a fishery officer and so later was his son Alexander.
John and Elizabeth had the following known children:
1) Alexander; born Sept. 21/1856 Matapedia
2) Alice; born Aug. 4/1862 Matapedia
3) John Porter; born April 21/1850 Upsalquitch
4) William; born Matapedia, Nov. 3/1866
5) Mary born, Matapedia, Mar. 10/1869
6) Mabel ??

Alexander Mowat son of John Mowat and Elizabeth Moores, at age 34 married Ella Kerr she was aged 28, and daughter of Thomas Kerr and Catherine Caldwell of Campbellton. They were married on April 29/1891.
Their daughter Annie Lilian on Sept. 29/1917 at age 25, married Allyn Fraser Fraser a 28 year old banker who lived in Dalhousie, NB and was born in Sprinside Nova Scotia. He was the son of Daniel and Adelaide Elizabeth Fraser

William Mowat son of John Mowat and Elizabeth Moores, aged 28 married Effie Elizabeth Murray who was then 23 years of age. She was daughter of James Murray and Christina Sinclair and they married on March 26/1894.

Alice Barbara Mowat of Deeside NB, d/o John Mowat and Elizabeth Moores, married in 1905, James W. N(M)orton son of James N(M)orton and Elizabeth Murray. He was a 47 yr old widower.

On Nov. 5/1913, Alice Barbara Mowat d/o John Porter Mowat and Barbara Ann Nelson, was living in Campbellton and married George Leslie McCrae, he was a Salesman who was born in Colbourg Ontario and living in Montreal P.Q. His parents were Rev. D.L. McCrae and Mary Little McCrea. He was 29 and she was 25 at the time. ** More on her lower **

MOWAT Alexander
son of John Mowat, farmer, and Elizabeth (Moores) Matapedia b. Sept. 21/1856

MOWAT Barbara Alice
daughter of John and Elizabeth Mowat, b. Matapedia, Aug. 4/1862

MOWAT John Porter
son of John and Elizabeth (Moores) Upsalquitch b. April 21/1850

MOWAT Mary Lindsay
daughter of John Mowat and Elizabeth Mowat, Matapedia, b. Mar. 10/1869

MOWAT William
son of John, farmer, and Elizabeth Mowat, b. Matapedia, Nov. 3/1866

MOWAT Sarah Anne
daughter of William and Margaret (Woodman) Maria, b. Aug. 21/1843

MOWAT Mary Lindsay
the daughter of John Mowat and Elizabeth Moores. Born Deeside P.Q., living in Campbellton NB, Married Oct. 5/1891, David Gordon Mott III (age 28) son of William Mott and Penelope Stewart. born in Campbellton, living in Rep. of Columbia. he is a Mechanical Supt. of Panama R.R.. Witnesses were Albert Mott and Nellie Williams.. Then David Gordon died in Panama. They had a son William Gordon Mott.
Mary Lindsay MOWAT remarried to George Gillbraith McKenzie Sept. 21/1904. William Gordon Mott married Dorothy Duncan Mar 2/1921.

MOWAT Rebecca J.
daughter of John and Elizabeth (Moores) of Matapedia. married June 24/1880 to Duncan A. (Archibald) Mc Beath son of John and Christina Mc Beath

Also Duncan's father John is listed as a clerk/salesman instead of a tenant farmer, however in 1880 John would have been almost 80 years old. Duncan's mother is listed as Christina (Mc Intosh) whereas the mother of Duncan Archibald Mc Beath in the 1851 census is listed as McBeath Christina (McIntyre). However there seems to be only the one Mc Beath family around at the time.

Mowat Alexander age 34, of Deeside P.Q. living in Campbellton, Fisheries Officer, s/o John and Elizabeth (Moores) of Matapedia Township. married Apr. 29/1891 Eliza Kerr age 28, of Campbellton, daughter of Thomas Kerr and Catherine Caldwell..witnesses Georges McKenzie and Mary Mowat..

Mowat William age 28, of Deeside P.Q. living in Campbellton. Merchant. son of John and Eliz. Moores. married Mar. 26/1894. Effie Elixa. Murray age 23, d/o James Murray and Christin Sinclair. witnesses: D.Bruce and George McKenzie.

Mowat Annie Lillian age 25 of Campbellton, d/o Alex and Ella Mowat. married Sept. 29/1917. Allyn Fraser Fraser age 28, Banker, born Springside N.S. living Dalhousie NB,

Mowat John, native of Aberdeen, Scotland, born June 29/1821 died Jan. 13/1897.
His wife Elizabeth (Moores) died Feb. 20/1903 at age 75

Mowat Alexander born 1856 died 1926.
His wife Ella Kerr born 1864, died 1963
Mowat Frederick Thomas born 1896 died 1925
Andrew Ethel, wife of John T. Mowat, born 1887 died 1931

Mowat John Porter born Apr. 21/1850 died May 30/1899
His wife Barbara Ann born Sept. 17/1854 died April 11/1921
Mowat Sarah A. born 1882 died 1901
Mowat Doris M. born 1899 died 1980

Mowat Maxwell M. born Dec. 4/1863, died Jan. 5/1959
His wife Lilliam A. born June 4/1862 died Feb. 14/1931

Mowat Glenford A. (M.D.) born June 14/1898 died Nov. 5/1937

Mowat (Captain) Godfrey A. 26 Battalion CEF died Sept. 27/1972 at age 76

Mowat Lieut. Morden M. RCF, died of wounds in Belgium May 16/1916 buried in Military Cemetery, Arleux, Aged 25 years

Mowat Captain O.A. (M.C.) 16th Brigade CFA died of wounds Northern Russia, Jan. 27/1919 aged 25 yrs.

Moat, Jane of Maria d/o William & Lucy (McCormick); and Charles Robertson of New Richmond s/o Hugh & Elizabeth (McCormick); m. 4 Mar 1845

Max Mowat
Goog (?) Mowat and family

Morden Mowat Missing in action

Lesley Reay and sisters Holly & Julie

Alice Barbara Mowat, b. 19 july 1889, Campbellton NB. daughter of John Porter Mowat and Barbara Ann Nelson married 5 November 1913 at Chapel Hill, Campbellton NB to George Leslie McCrae, b. 19 Nov 1883, Cobourg, Northumberland County, Ontario son of Rev. David Lamont McCrae and Mary Sanders Little.

They had four daughters: Mary, Barbara (our mother), Madeleine and Judith. Mary and Judith are still living. Barbara: b. 21 May 1919 - d. 18 June 1999; Madeleine: b. 1923 - d. 1990

Alice Barbara Mowat McCrae died 5 August 1957 in Montreal, Que. George Leslie McCrae died 15 January 1977, in Montreal, Que. They are buried at Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Que.

George Leslie McCrae was second cousin ( their grandfathers were brothers) to Lt. Col. John McCrae, physician, soldier and poet, who wrote the well-known WWI poem "In Flanders Fields".

Alice Barbara Mowat McCrae was a registered nurse. She trained at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York City and nursed there and at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal before her marriage to George Leslie McCrae.

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