By Alice (Price) McKiel

This is our "black sheep", - "skeleton in the closet"- or "big secret" of the family. The remaining relatives wouldn't talk about this part of the family, so there is little I could find out. It seems that Elizabeth Mary Muir was a housekeeper in her young life. When she was "housekeeper" at one place she gave birth to a girl. She later married and had another girl. The first child is our direct line. We have no idea who the father of our ancestor was, so have not had much success in tracing back further. Elizabeth Mary Muir 1839-1930 Gave birth to Mary Muir - March 5,l863-Apr. 22,l929 Later married William Pratt 1837 - 1916 I child Mary Muir l863 - 1929 married Allan MacDougall ( story to follow) Martha Jane Pratt 1879 - 1948 Martha Jane Pratt 1879-l948 Married Richard Perley Jagoe 1882-1956 3 children Lived in Atholville, N.B. Esther - married Roy Day - 2 boys- Charles and John. Lived in Bathurst, N.B. Gladys - married Hugh Poley - 2 boys David and Barry. Divorced married - A Gauthier Arnold- 1929-1995 Edward Arnold Jagoe 1919-1995 Married Mary Myles 1927- 5 children Lived in homestead in Atholville, N.B. Terrance (Terry) 1952 - 1995 unmarried Bruce June 12,l953 - Nov. 26,1953 (crib death) Kevin 1955 - unmarried Lives in Atholville, N.B. Stephen 1957 - unmarried lives in Atholville, N.B. Jane 1968 - married Clifford Bowers (l999) Lives in Toronto