AMBROSE, Richard, male, 26. Victim: O'Leary, Michael; Bourgeois, Aurele. 1974/12/13; Evangeline, N.B. Shooting to escape arrest, (Victims were Police Officers). See also: Hutchison.

AROSHA, Tony, male, 19; Crime: murder; Victim: Green, Edward 1908/12/20; along the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, N.B.; Method: shooting/robbery; See also: Sepepil, Leon; Hanging: 1909/05/04; Victoria, N.B.

ARSENAULT, Alfred, male,17. Victim: Hanselpecker, Alpheus. 1925/05/08; Bethel, N.B. (Charlotte co.) Life in Dorchester Pen.

AROSHA, Tony (Antonio), male, 19. Victim: Green Edward; 1908/12/20; along the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, N.B. Shooting and robbery. Hanging: 1909/05/04.

AYLES, Clifford Edward, Male, 26, single, Victim: Graves, David Allison, 1955/10/20; St. John, N.B. Stabbing and robbery. Hanging: 1956/11/06; County Gaol, St. John, N.B.

BANNISTER, Arthur William, Male, 17, single. Victim: Lake, Philip, Bertha & Jackie. 1936/01/05; Pacific Junction, N.B. Beating, shooting, and burning of a house to kidnap a baby. SEE DANIEL Hanging: 1936/09/23; Dorchester, N.B.

BANNISTER, Daniel, Robert, male, single, 20, Victim: Lake, Philip, Bertha & Jackie. 1936/01/05, Pacific Junction, N.B. Beating, Shooting, and burning of a house to kidnap a baby. SEE ARTHUR. Hanging 1936/09/23; Dorchester, N.B.

BARBOUR, Robert, male, 24, single. Victim: Harris, Margaret. 1938/03/30; Dalhousie, N.B. Struck with a hammer in a jealous rage murdering his girl friend. Life in Dorchester Pen.

BERNARD, Frederick Andrew, male, 27, single. Victim: Sappier, William (Crow), 1960/02/24, Maliseet, Reserve, N.B. Robbery. Life in Dorchester Pen.

BROWN, Floyd, Edgar, male, 25, Miner. Victim: Thompson, Earl, Minto, N.B.; 1954/05/05. Shooting. Reduced to manslaughter

CAMMACK, Thomas, male. Victim: Doherty, William; 1904/07/17; Parish of Kent, N.B.: (The son of the accused was accused of the same crime, but was discharged). Hanging: 1905/01/12; Common gaol, Woodstock, N.B.

CAPSON, Donald, male, 27, married. Victim: Wing, Rosie; 1951/10/02. Beating. Moncton, N.B. New trial.

CLARK, Newman, male, 30, separated. Victim: Bell, Phoebe; 1920/03/25; Grand Falls, N.B. Shooting. New Trial.

COLLINS, Thomas Francis, male, 20. Victim: McAuley, Mary Ann; 1906/08/20; New Ireland, N.B. Hanging: 1907/11/15; County Gaol, Hopewell Cape, N.B.

COLPITTS, Reginald John; male; 18; single; inmate; murder; Victim: Masterton, Edward James, 1964/09/23; Dorchester Pen., N.B.; Method: Stabbing. Victim was a prison guard. Life imprisonment.

COMEAU, Joseph Tilmon; male, 20, murder. Victim: Comeau, Imelda; 1961/01/01; Richibucto, N.B. Method: stabbing (mother). Life in Dorchester Pen.

DEMERCHANT, Arthur; male, 35, separated. Victim: Armstrong, Edward; 1927/12/28; Perth, N.B.; Beating. Life in Dorchester Pen.

DOWD, Thomas; male. Victim: Ward, Thomas Edward; 1878/09/09; Sepray, N.B. (victim was Eliza Ward"s husband); See also: Ward, Eliza. Hanging: 1879/01/14; St. Andrew, N.B.

DUNLOP, Harvey; male, 53, single. Victim: Dickinson, Erbon; 1930/07/24; South Hampton, N.B. Method: shooting, (victim was a 15 year old boy). Life in Dorchester Pen.

GALLIEN, Olivier, male. Murder; Victim: Poulin, Xavier; 1874/04/20; Caraquet, N.B. (Victim was the husband of Angele Poulin who was charged as accessory before the fact). See also: Poulin, Angele. Hanging: 1874/10/29; Bathurst, N.B.

GEE, George, male, 23, murder; Victim: Gee Millie; 1904/03/12; Homesville, N.B. Method: shooting; Hanging: 1904/07/22; Woodstock, N.B.

GRENIER, Joseph, male, 76, murder; Victim: Francoeur, 1919/09/11; near Grand Falls, N.B. Method: Shooting. Life in Dorchester Pen.

HAGARTY, Thomas, male, 55, single, murder; Victim: Hagarty, Frank 1934/04/11; North Tetagouche, N.B. Method: shooting (murdered his cousin). Life in Dorchester Pen.

HAMILTON, George, male, 23, married; Crime: murder; Victim: Burgoyne, Norman Phillip 1949/01/07; Fredericton, N.B.; Method: struck with a hammer/ robbery; (The two accused were brothers); See also: Hamilton, Rufus; Hanging: 1949/07/27; Fredericton, N.B.

HAMILTON, Rufus, male, 22, single: Crime: murder; Victim: Burgoyne, Norman Philip 1949/01/07; Fredericton, N.B.; Method: struck with a hammer/robbery; Hanging: 1949/07/27; Fredericton, N.B. (See Hamilton, George).

HEFFERMAN, Thomas Henry, male, 28,married; Crime: murder; Victim: Powers, Leversey May 1946/09/30; St. John, N.B.; Method: struck with a hammer and drowned; Motive: rape; Hanging: 1947/02/12; St. John, N.B.

HIGGINS, Frank, male, 16; Crime: murder; Victim: Doherty Williams 1902/08/01; St. John, N.B.; Method: shooting; Life in Dorchester Pen.

HUGUES, William, male; Crime: murder; Victim: Hugues, Catherine 1883/02/13 (murdered his wife); Hanging: 1883/05/09; St. John, N.B.

HUTCHISON, Tom Roland, male, 22, married; Crime: murder; Victim: Connors, Bernice 1942/06/05; Black Harbour, N.B.; Method: beating/rape; Hanging: 1942/12/16; St Andrew, N.B.

HUTCHISON, James, male, 47; Crime: murder; Victims: O'Leary, Michael; Bourgeois, Aurele 1974/12/13; Evangeline, N.B.; Method: shooting to escape arrest; Victims were police officers; See also: Ambrose, Richard.

KIERSTEAD, Robert, male, farmer; Crime: murder; Victim: Kierstead, Elsie 1917/12/22; Salmon Creek, N.B. (Queen's Co.)Method: beating (murdered his wife); New trial.

LEGER, Arthur Alexander, male, 27, widowed; Crime: murder; Victim: Leger (Richarad), Norma 1944/09/15; Lewisville, N.B.(Westmorland Co.); Method: shooting (murdered his wife); Life in Dorchester Pen.

McDONALD, Joseph Angus, male, 44, married; Crime: murder; Victim: Gregory, Hugh 1964/02/13; St. John, N.B.; Method: shooting/robbery; Life in Dorchester, Pen.

McNUTT, George, male; Crime: murder; Victim: Yealch, John ( on the ship "King Ceolric" in the high seas); Trial: 1875/08/25; Life in St. John Pen., N.B.

MERCURE, Joseph, male, 63, separated; Crime: murder; Victim: Martin, Patrick 1962/09/23; Douglasfield, N.B.; Method: beating and burning/robbery; Life in Dorchester Pen.

MUNRO, John A., male, married; Crime: murder; Victim: Vail, Sarah Margaret; Trial 1870; Circuit Court, St. John, N.B.; Hanging ?

NASH, Phillip John, male, 25, married; Crime: murder; Victim: Siveret (Gaudet), Gerald 1948/11/19; near Fredericton, N.B.; Method: shooting; New trial: verdict of manslaughter.

NETCOFF, John, male, 43, separated; Crime: murder; Victim: Curtis, Bessie Alexandra 1938/07/17; St. John, N.B.; Method: struck with a hammer/jealously (murdered his ex-common in law wife); Life in Dorchester Pen.

O'NEIL, Thomas, male; Crime: murder; Victim: Fothergill, Bridget 1876/02/03; Method: stabbing (murdered his mother in law); Circuit Court; Frederiction, N.B.; Hanging: 1876/08/03; St. John, N.B.

OLIVER, John Arthur, male, 63, married, watchman; Crime: murder; Victim: Lobb, Herbert 1941/12/27; St. John, N.B.; Method: shooting; Hanging: 1942/04/22; St. John, N.B.

OLSEN, Robert ( alias Buck), male; Crime: murder; Victim: Steadman, Joseph, E.1892/08/01; Method: shooting/escape arrest (victim was a policeman); Hanging 1892/12/01; Dorchester, N.B.

PARIS, John, male; Victim: McAuley, Sadie 1921/08/02; St. John, N.B.; Method: strangulation/rape ( victim was a nine year old girl ); New trial.

PITRE, Norman Joseph ( Rufus ), male, 25, single; Crime: murder; Victim: Smith, George 1932/04/20; Method: shooting/robbery; Hanging: 1933/06/01; Bathurst, N.B.

POULIN, Angele, female, 49; Victim: Poulin, Xavier 1874/04/20; Caraquet, N.B. ( victim was the husband of Angele Poulin who was charged as accessory before the fact ); Life in St. John,s Pen., N.B.

RICHARD,Joseph Pierre, male, 29, married; Crime: murder; Victim: De LaPerelle, Mary Katherine 1957/02/09; Charlo Station, N.B.; Method: strangulation/sexual assault (victim was 13 years old ); Hanging: 1957/12/11; Dalhousie, N.B. LAST HANGING IN NEW BRUNSWICK.

ROBICHEAU, William Henry ( alias White, William ), male, 25, single; Crime: murder; Victim: Cohen, Aaron Nathan 1937/12/17; St. John, N.B.; Method: shooting/robbery; Life in Dorchester Pen., N.B.

ROGERS, Archibald, male; Victim: Seely, Linus; Trial: 1875/06/03; Life in St. John's Pen., N.B.

SEPEPIL, Leon, male; Crime: murder/robbery; Victim: Green, Edward 1908/12/20; along the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, N.B.; Method: shooting/robbery; Hanging: 1909/05/04; Victoria, N.B.

SIMPKIN, John Stuart ( alias Harris, Richard D.), male, 23, married: Crime: murder; Victim: Gaudet, (Harris), Marlene Marie 1946/09/04; St. John, N.B.; Method: drowning (murdered his mistress's baby); Life in Dorchester Pen., N.B.

SULLIVAN, John E., male; Crime: murder; Victim: Dutcher, Eliza 1896/09/11; Meadowbrook, N.B.; Hanging: 1897/03/12; Common Gaol, N.B.

SWIN, Bennie, male; Crime: murder; Victims: Trenholme, Olive & Harvey 1922/03/27; Benton Ridge, N.B.; Method: shooting (murdered his lover of 17 years and her husband); Hanging: 1922/10/06; Woodstock, N.B.

THIBODEAU, J (born Voisine), Lina, female, 26, widowed; Crime: murder; Victim: Thibodeau, Joseph claude 1954/11/05; Township of Madawaska, N.B.; Method: shooting (murdered her husband; Life in Kingston Pen., Ontario. Was the last woman to be sentenced to hang in Canada. Commited to life.

VAUGHAN, William, male, 28; Crime: murder; Victim: Quinn, Mary 1878/02/00; Simonds, N.B.; Hanging: 1878/06/22; St. John, N.B.

VOLLMAN, John Jacob Jr., male, 20, single; Crime: murder; Victim: Bouchard, Marie Gaetanne Helene 1958/05/13; Near Edmunston, N.B.; Method: stabbing ( victim was 16 years of age ); Life in Dorchester Pen., N.B.

WARD, Eliza, female,42; Crime: murder; Victim: Ward, Thomas Edward 1878/09/09; Sepray, N.B. ( victim was Eliza Ward's husband ); 7 years in prison, Saint John, N.B.

WHEARY, Edward M, male, 21; Crime: murder; Victim: Wheary, Bertha 1893/09/27 (murdered his sister-in-law ); Douglas, N.B.; Life in Dorchester Pen., N.B.

Williams, Harry D., male, 42, separated; Crime: murder; Victims: Foster, Cynthia & Neacia 1925/11/25; Method: shooting ( victims were 10 and 14 years of age ); Hanging: 1925/04/23; Frederiction, N.B.

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