Duncan and Archie Myles
and Unknown man
(Photo courtesy Allan MacNeish)

Archibald Gordon Myles was 25 years old and living at Brandy Brook when he married Mary Ann Mann who was also aged 25 years. They married on July 20/1892. He was the son of John Myles and Elizabeth Ann Ferguson and she was daughter of William A. Mann and Sarah Marshall.
They have two known children born in Restigouche county:
Myles John Russel, born, Mann's Mountain, Dec. 31/1894 and Myles Charles Roderick born Head of Tide or Tide Head, July 10/1899

Dingald Alexander Myles of Brandy Brook, son of John Myles and Elizabeth Ann Ferguson, married on Dec. 21/1902 to Isabella Jean McKenzie of Campbellton daughter of Robert Caissie.

Christina May Myles of Deeside, P.Q. daughter of John Myles and Elizabeth Ann Ferguson, at age 20, married Aug. 17/1892 John Farrer who was 27 at the time, and son of John Farrer and Elizabeth Wellwood. He was born in Coal Branch NB and lived in Campbellton.

Emily Myles, age 19, daughter of John Myles and Elizabeth Ann Ferguson, married on Dec. 5/1901, George Dawson of Dawsonville, who was aged 22.

Ida Myles, of Brandy Brook, daughter of John Myles and Elizabeth Ann Ferguson, at age 19, married Oct. 14/1903, Alexander James Adam age 29 of Moores Mountain P.Q. . son of Alex and Ellen Adams.

Adams Elizabeth Ann d/o James Alexander and Ida (Myles) Matapedia b. Jan. 15/1917

Adams Gloria Christine d/o James A. and Ida (Myles) b. May 24/1927 bapt. Oct. 1/1944

Adams Isabel Amy d/o James Alexander and Ida (Myles) Matapedia b. Feb. 27/1920

Adams William Arnold s/o James and Ida (Myles) Moore's b. Feb. 9/1914

Myles Faye Georgina d/o Lawrence and Hilda Margaret( Mann) of Riverside NB b. June 13/1926

In the 1851 Restigouche Census there are no Myles but in 1861 I find a John Myles, he is living in Eldon parish, living alone, he is listed as being Irish, Farmer, R.C., and age 60.

In 1871 I find the following again in the parish of Eldon
Miles (Not Myles) John age 32, Presbyterian, Irish born in NB, Farmer
wife Elizabeth, Scotish, age 26, born Quebec
children: Archibald Gordon age 5, Elizabeth Jane age 2 and Hugh born that year

And two houses from John Miles above:
Miles James age 36, Presbyterian, Irish, born NB, Farmer
his wife Sarah is age 25, born NB, Scotish
their children: Margaret Jane age 6, Joseph Henry age 4, Ellen age 2 and Betsey born that year.

In 1881, the Miles are still in Eldon parish and listed as such:
Miles John, age 44, born NB, Farmer Brandy Brook, Irish
Wife Elizabeth Ann (Ferguson) was age 36, English, born in NB.,
children: Archibald Gordon (born April 26/1867) age 14, born P.Q. English, Farmer's son,
Melvina Jane (born April ?/1869 P.Q.), age 12
Robert Hutson age 10 (born Sept 29/1871 NB)
Christianna age 8 (born Aug. 3/1873 NB)
John Porter age 7 (born Feb. 14/1875 NB)
Alexander Dougald age 6 (born Oct. 27/1876 NB)
Elizabeth Ethol age 3 (born Oct. 19/1878 NB)
George Duncan age 1 (born Jan. 1/1880 NB)

And again two homes down or up from John's was the family of James Miles
James was age 40 , married to 36 yr old Sarah, and they had the following children: Margaret Jane age 16, James Harvey age 14, Barbara Alice age 12, Elizabeth Ann age 9, William McVorton age 7, Nathalie Maude age 5, David age 3 and Sanford born that year.

In the 1891 census:
Myles John age 57, born NB, Scotish, farmer and lumberer
wife Elizabeth age 47
children are
Archibald G. age 24, lumberman, presbyterian
Christina age 19, methodist
John Porter, age 17, presb.
Alexander D., age 15, presb.
George Duncan age 13, presb.
Emily S. age 8, presb
Esther Ina age 6, presb.
Wesley Frederick age 4

Also the family of James Myles a few houses further
Myles James age 53, born NB, farmer and lumberer
Sarah his wife age 47
Harvey age 24
Barbara A. age 22
Elizabeth A., age 19
William age 17
Mahaley age 15
and Grace age 3

Misc., deaths from the provincial archives records (Online)

Porter Myles died March 9/1949
Myles Wesley Frederick, died June 12/1946
Myles Archibald G., died June 16/1938
Myles Carolyn Ann died March 3/1945
Myles Dougald A., died Nov. 14/1942
Myles Isabel, died Dec., 17/1945
Myles Elizabeth A., died June 15/1931
Myles Eric David died Mar. 22/1933
Myles Alma Mrs., died July 20/1925
Myles Frederick Wesley, died July 20/1923
Myles George Glenford died Jan. 11/1929
Myles Harry Sterling died Feb. 8/1924
Myles Robert L., died Oct. 21/1928

Misc., births from the provincial archives (online)
Myles Hazel Gillis, born Sept. 1894 to Wesley Myles and Jane Upham
Myles, Barbara Alice, d/o James and Sarah Parker born Mar. 10/1868
Myles, Christine d/o John and Elizabeth Ann Ferguson born Aug., 3/1873
Myles Robert Hartley s/o John Porter Myles and Isabel Lyons born May 9/1901
Myles William, s/o William Myles and Henrietta Adams, born May. 13/1903

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