Located aprox. half way between Moncton NB (at 40km or 24miles) and Chignecto Nova Scotia (at 25km or 16 miles)...

Sackville was first settled by Acadians and was named at some point Pres des Bourques or Bourgs (which are some of my ancestors), translates to Marshes of the Bourques. way back in 1750 or so..

Sackville took its name from Lord George Sackville (1716-1785) commander of British troops.

Some founders of the town of Sackville in 1762, were Joshua Winslow, Josuah Sprague, Valentin Estabrooks, William Maxwell John Huston and a few others...

In 1754 it has a population of 89 people.. with the name still Pres des Bourques. In same year, Vescack had a population of 97 people and Tintamarre 238.

Tintamarre is a french name meaning noisy and is beleived to have been given its name by the French because of the noise that the waterfowl makes each year upon their return to the area... :)

In 1755, during the expulsion of the Acadians, the surrender of Colonel Monckton June 1755, those three villages were destroyed and its inhabitants were expelled by the British.

It is recorded that in November, Capt. Objah Willard was ordered by Capt. Monckton to take 100 men from Fort Beausejour, go to Westcock and meet a certain Capt. Stevens coming from the North. The two of them, came to Tintramarre and destroyed about 100 buildings, on the way to Westcock, they destroyed 70 more and then on to Westcock destroying an other 100 buildings.

Some last names for some of the New Englanders who settled at Tintamarre or Tantramar, and farmed the land in the years 1760 to 1763 or so, were Tucker, Emerson, Ford, Brown, Brownell, Casey, Calhoon, Smith, cole, ring, Finny, Estabrooks, Cary, Briggs etc...

Around 1763, some baptists joined them,, by way of Massasuchetts : Mason, Lewis, mason, Baker, and Seaman.. most of these went back to Mass. 7 or 8 years later.

By 1767, there were 343 New Englanders out of a population of 349.. By 1786 however there were only about 60 families left the rest having gone back to New England following the war of Independence..

Some Yorkshire settlers arrived in 1772 , the first being Charles Dixon . The first land grant for that area however was to Daniel Hawkins a New Englander..

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