Sailing Ships built in Campbellton

Campbellton use to be a very active port in days gone by.

Captain Martin built two ships prior to 1828
Arthur Ritchie built 13 ships here between 1850 and 1856
Tae built the Annabella a ship of 844 tons built in 1859

Robert Ferguson built the most ships here :
Shakespeare - Barque of 612 tons in 1838
Victoria - Schooner on 119 tons in 1841
Messenger - Shcooner of 63 tons in 1828
Athol - Barque of 431 tons in 1839
Fry - Barque of 121 tons in 1840
Gordon Castle which supposedly used the anchor from "the Bienfaisant"

The MacLennan factory built the Harry A. MacLennan, naming it after one member of their family who lost his life in WWW1.

It was built in 1919, - 178.4 ft long, - 35.5 ft wide
14.4 ft High - and a 643 ton 4 mast ship with Captain J.P.Salter in command. The H.A. MacLennan sailed around the world and in the 1940's it was rocked against the rocks on the shores of Methegan, N.S. from what I am told, parts of this ship are still visible on those shores.


Here is a look at the warf in Campbellton just after WWW1, with three ships which were docked waiting to be loaded with wood probably.
These three ships were British and Norwegian registry. They were, in no particular order, The Caledonia, The Finnia and the Marlboro Hill.

Genghis Khan, launched last Sept. at the yards of Messrs Ritchie & Co., performed passage from Dalhousie to Cape Clear, Ireland in 11 days, A record.. Built by Robert Y. Tait, 1500 tons, 200 by 37 feet, mainmast 84 feet long, has full figurehead. Two like vessels of 900 tons are presently building in same yard by same foreman Robert Y.Tait.

LAUNCHED Aug. 6/1853, from the yards of Messrs Arthur Ritchie & Co, at Campbellton, a ship named the Marcianus, 1007 tons, Foreman R.Y.Tait.

LAUNCHED Sept. 14/1852, from the building yard of Messrs Ritchie & Co., Campbellton a splendidly built ship called the Genghis Khan, 1306 tons. Masterbuilder, R.Y.Tait.

LAUNCHED Wednesday Oct. 14/1851, at Campbellton, from the shipyard of Messrs. Ritchie & Co., a fine ship named Credenda, 921 tons, new measurements.

LAUNCHED Aug. 13/1851, from the building yard of Messrs. H. & J. Montgomery, Dalhousie, a very fine barque, of 614 tons, (new measurements) named Joseph Howe.

LAUNCHED, July 12/1851, at the building yard of Messrs. A. Ritchie & Co., ship Middleton, 993 tons.

LAUNCHED Sept. 4/1849, Barque launched from the building yard of H. & J. Montgomery , Names the John Hamilton in compliment to a gentleman of that name, recently deceased, who resided for many years in the county, 1008 tons.

Launched at Bathurst, Sept. 21/1846, from Cunard yard, bark Pakenham, 740 tons. Two large vessels are on the stocks. Launched from Cunard shipyard, Bathurst June 27/1846, Brigantine Sobraon 256 tons Aug. 15/1846 Barque Hydapsis 595 tons Oct. 3/1846 Barque Pakenham 660 tons Nov. 3/1846 Barque Sutlej 659 tons

May 11/1847: Launched at Bathurst, Cunards' yard , last Friday, the Essequebo, 342 tons.

LAUNCHED From the building yard of James Wolhaupter, Esq., at Bathurst, on Aug. 8/1850, a barque Catherine, 400 tons, juniper, copper fastened, the builder Mr Hall.

LAUNCHED Friday Aug. 13/1847, launched bark Lord Elgin from Cunard's yard in Bathurst.

LAUNCHED May 22/1848, launched from the building yard of the assignees of the Hon. Joseph Cunard, a fine brigantine of 87 tons, owned by Mrs R.Y.Tait and A.Wood. June 3/1848, At Petit Rocher, a schooner, Merceline, owned by H. Roy, intended for the prosecution of the deep sea fishery, a trade for which there are several vessels building and fitting up in this country..

Nov. 18/1850 LAUNCHED from the building yard of John Woolner Esq., at Madisco, fully rigged and equipped for sea, a bark named Exhibition, 411 tons.

Nov. 17/1850, LAUNCHED, from the building yard of John Woolner, Esq., at madisco, a clipper-built brigantine, 140 tons, new measurement, named Madisco, fully rigged and equipped for sea.

LAUNCHED, Thursday Aug. 12/1851, at Bathurst, from the building yards of Messrs. G. & A. Smith, a fine brigantine of 174 tons (new measurements) named Sabrina, draughtsman Mr James Willis. Masterbuilder Mr Samuel White.

Launched at Bathurst, from the building yard of Messrs G & A Smith, in Bathurst, schooner Marie Adele 85 tons, builder, Mr S. White, May 17/1851.

On Aug. 10/1850, from the yard of John Woolner, at Madisco, near Bathurst, a grigantine 124 tons.

Aug. 7/1850, from the building yard of Arthur Ritchie & Co., at Campbellton,
a copper fastened Try, of 774 tons register, Ritchie's wharf.

LAUNCHED, At Petit Rocher, by Messrs, G & A Smith, a topsail schooner called The Foreigner of 74 tons, new measurement, designed for the coasting trade.

LAUNCHED at Bathurst Oct. 14/1852, by Messrs G & A Smith, brigantine Kate, 183 tons.

LAUNCHED Nov. 15/1852, at Madisco, barque Mermaid, built by John Woolner, took to the sea, Dec. 6/1852, 600 tons, clipper built, copper fastened.

James W. Wolhaupter, May 31/1851, brigantine Caroline 95 tons, builder Mr Joseph Hall.

Messrs Ferguson, Rankin & Co., June 3, brigantine Gipsey, 171 tons, builder James Willis.

May 14/1854, from the yard of G & A Smith, Bathurst, a barque 302 tons, new measurements, 369 old measurements, draughtman James Willis, masterbuilder Samuen White.

LAUNCHED at Campbellton, from the yard of Ritchie & Co., Aug. 10/1854, ship Thomas Brassey, 1285 tons new measurements.

LAUNCHED Oct. 23/1854 from the yard of Messrs. H. & J. Montgomery, ship Miriam, 960 tons new measurement.

LAUNCHED at Campbellton, from the yard of Messrs. Ritchie & Co., Nov. 4/1854, barque Alma, 524 tons, fully rigged.

LAUNCHED at the yard of Messrs G. & A. Smith of Bathurst, the barque Arethusa, 360 tons, new measurements, Samuel White masterbuilder, James Willis, draughtsman. Second barque built by them this season.

LAUNCHED at Bathurst July 27/1855, at the yards of Messrs G.A.Smith, barque Euphrosyne, 400 tons of hacmatack , buildres Messrs White.

LAUNCHED at Bathurst, July 28/1855, from the yard of J. Mehan , ship Herald, 1250 tons, hacmatack, classed A-1 for seven years.

LAUNCHED at Bathurst, Aug. 31/1855, Ship Sydenham , 1170 tons, launched from the yard of John Woolner, built under the inspection of Lloyds and classes A-1 for seven years of hacmatack. She has a splendid Lady's figurehead and as she rides on her own element, she is a beautiful specimen of naval architecture as the lines of beauty have been so well worked out in her model that her appearance is singularly majestic.

LAUNCHED at Shippegan, Oct. 27/1855, from the yard of Wm. Fruing & Co., barque Mary Ann, 350 tons. Examined by Lloyds inspector, T.Tucker, Esq. Will class A-1 for seven years. Hacmatack, Masterbuilder James Henry, both draftsman and mechanic.

LAUNCHED Oct. 27/1855, built by Mr Lebrun, a 350 ton, barque called the Oliver Blanchard.

LAUNCHED at Campbellton, yard of Messrs Ritchie & Co., on June 19/1856, full rigged ship Boanergers, 1472 tons, carpenter's measurement, Lloyd's inspected.

LAUNCHED July/1856, at Bathurst, from the yard of Merrsrs G.& A. Smith, copper fastened barque Belle Poule, 411 tons, 7 years, builder Adam Boyd.

LAUNCHED July/1856, at Bathurst yard of John Meahan, Esq., barque Omagh, 405 tons, copper fastened, 7 years, builder Samuel White.

LAUNCHED Oct./1856, at Campbellton, yard of Ritchie & co., barque Ben Ledi, 842 tons, new measurements.

LAUNCHED Oct./1856, from the establishment of George E. Letson at Neguac, a brigantine, the Alnwick , 155 tons, carpenter's measurements, 105 tons by the Merchant's Shipping Act., master builder Mr MacIntosh.

LAUNCHED Oct.17/1856, from the yard of Messrs G. & A. Smith, the barque Nepisiguit, 340 tons carpenter's measurement, under survey of Sam Lapthorn, Lloyd's surveyor, to class 7 years, builder Samuel White, 4 months in construction 2nd barque by the firm this season.

LAUNCHED Aug. 23/1857 , from the yard of Samuel Miller, the brigantine Jane, 100 tons, register. This is the first vessel buint at this yard, and the first modelled by the master-workman Mr William Gammon.

LAUNCHED dated Sept. 5/1857; launched a few days ago, from the yard of Mr Peter DeGrace, Shippegan, a splendid clipper schooner, of the burthen of 67 tons, new measurements, called the Maria Louisa.

LAUNCHED Sept. 24/1857, at the yard of A. Ritchie & Co., Campbellton, two fine barks, Tallula, 566 tons and Ondara, 302 tons

LAUNCHED June 30/1858, from the yard of Messrs Fraser, ship Venitia, 494 tons, Arthur Gibbsb, master builder.

LAUNCHED Aug. 4/1859, At Campbellton at the yard of Arthur Ritchie, ship Arabella, 800 tons, R.Y.Tayte, foreman

LAUNCHED at Bathurst for the whole season
schooner Corsair, 105 tons, F. Rankin & Co.
schooner WhyNot, 102 tons, Thomas Miller
schooner Spray, 86 tons, by a company
brigantine ? , 267 tons, G & A Smith
brigantine Prairie Flower, 230 tons, by J.& C. Meahan

LAUNCHED Oct. 15/1859, from the yard of Wm Fruing & Co. a clipper brigantine Cornucopia, 180 tons, Samuel Lapthorn, class A-1, 7 years, Master builder James Henry, built for the company, intended for the Mediterranean trade.

LAUNCHED June 5/1860, from the yard of George E Letson, at Neguac, the brigantine George E. Letson, 136 tons

LAUNCHED Bathurst, Aug. 25/1860 issue, Yard of John Meahan, brigantine Volant, 269 tons.
yard of Jos O'Brien, brigantine Ocean Spray, 250 tons
yard of Messrs G & A Smith, barque New Brunswick 600 tons
All yellow metal fastened, classed A-1 7 years.

LAUNCHED Oct. 16/1860, from the ayrd of John Meahan, ship Patrician, 1214 tons, foreman Michael Daly

LAUNCHED July 6/1861, Bathurst, from the yard of G. & A. Smith, brigantine Criterion, 241 tons. masterbuilder Arthur Gibbs