Letter home from a local boy who had been in the trenches of France for months and is lonesome for mail from home

Dear Mother:
Just a few lines to answer your letter which I received an hour ago and was glad to hear from you. It was about two months since I got any mail and I was writing every week. It is pretty lonesome when you do not get any letters. I am feeling fine and have been in the trenches four times. It is too bad about Clarence Murray.

I sent you a lot of photos, did you get them ? I sent them to you before I left England. They were taken at night in a barn. Hope you like them.

I know a lot of the boys in the 26th and they are all well. I passed a rather lonesome birthday and I did not have any birthday cake, but I will be home for next birthday, so don't worry about me. I will close for this time from

Your son,
Mansfield Boudreau

(of Glen Levit, NB, son of Mrs Clara Boudreau)

Letter taken in the Graphic, (local newspaper) July of 1916