Killed in action!

Dear Mr. Pratt:--
It was with feelings of very great regret that I learned today of the death in action, between Sept. 15th and 17th., of your son, Private Gordon Pratt.

I am writing this letter for the purpose of extending my very deep sympathy to you in your sad bereavement. Nothing of course can lessen the effect of the blow and of the sorrow caused to you and his family and intimate friends, but at the same time it is a satisfaction to know that he died serving his country, fighting in defence of those who are left at home and of the free institutions that are so dear to the heart of every Canadian and Britisher.

Again expressing my very sincere sympathy, I am,
Yours very truly,
J.D. Hazen.

Malcolm Pratt, Esq.,
Campbellton, NB

Minister's Office, Ottawa,
18th, October, 1916

Dear Mr. Pratt,--
Will you kindly accept my sincere sympathy and condolence in the decease of that worthy citizen and heroic soldier, your son, Private Gordon Pratt.

While one cannot too deeply mourn the loss of such a brave comrade, there is a consolation knowing that he did his duty fearlessly and well, and gave his life for the cause of Liberty and the upbuilding of the Empire.

Again extending to you my heartfelt sympathy,
Minister of Militia and Defence, for Canada

Malcolm Pratt, Esq.,
Campbellton, N.B.