St Quentin is located about 80km South West of Campbellton
On the border of the Counties of Restigouche and Victoria

St Quentin was then known as "Anderson"

Church registers for St Quentin hold entries from 1910 on
The parish church was given the name "Tres Saint Sacrement"

The Internation Railway of New Brunswick better known as the I.N.R.
was built between Campbellton and Saint Leonard in 1910
This is mainly what brought the first settlers to the Saint Quentin
Kedgwick area. The other was a rich forest industry
I must say that in 1989 this piece of railroad from Campbellton to Saint Leonard
was closed and the rails were removed. That road is now being used
by the Multiple Trails Project

Names that you would find in St Quentin were

Adam, Albert, Allain, Allard, Anctil, April, Arbour, Archambeau, Arpin
Arseneau, Aspireau, Aubut, Auclair, Audet, Babin, Banville,Beaulieu
Bechard, Beland, Belanger, Bellavance, Bergeron, Bernard, Boucher
Bernier, Berube, Bosse, Bouchard, Boucher, Boudreau, Boulay, Bourdages
Bourgoin, Boutin, Bujold, Castonguay, Cayouette, Chardonnet, Chenard,
Chiasson, Chouinard, Cormier, Corbin, Cote, Coulombe, Couturier, Cyr
Daigle, Damour, Delange, Deschenes, Dube, Desjardins, Desmeules, Fournier
Desrosiers, Dion(ne), Doiron, Doucet, Dube, Dufour, Dugas, Dumais, Dumont
Dupere, Durepos, Durette, Faucher, Fortin, Francoeur, Fraser, Gagne
Gagnon, Gallant, Garant, Gaudreau, Gauthier, Girard(in), Guerette
Guimond, Hammond, Jalbert, Labrie, Lafrance, Lagace, Lamarche, Lanteigne
Lapointe, Lavoie, Leblanc, Levesque, Martel, Martin, Meunier, Moreau
Ouellette, Paquet, Parent, Paulin, Pelletier, Perreault, Perron, Philips
Pitre, Poirier, Querry, Quimper, Richard, Ross, Richard, Roussel, Saucier
Savard, Savoie, Senechal, Somers, Soucy, St Laurent, St Onge, Tardif
Theriault, Thibeau, Truchon, Turcotte and many many more

Saint Martin is located East of St Quentin half way between
St Quentin and Kedgwick,

Saint Martin parish entries begin in 1913 when it was called
Arseneau Siding until 1930. It was then called St Arthur up until 1936
when the name was changed because of an other little community called
St Arthur, in the back of Campbellton
It took the name of Lauvriere from 1936 to 1948 and finally in 1948
got the name of St Martin in honor of Father Eudore Martin
Priest of St Quentin who had helped them a lot

Here are some of the first settlers of St Martin

Joseph Banville, Hypolite Collin, Jean Baptiste Dumais, Paul Theriault
a few Thibeaut brothers, and a few St Pierre brothers, Narcisse Dube
Roland Rochelle, Joseph Caron and many more

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