Val D'Amour is situated about 6km South of Campbellton

First a mission called either "Tobique" and "Coal Brook"
as both names are found in the church registers between 1902 and 1920
In 1922 Father Levesque changed the name to Val d'Amour in honor
of Father Ernest D'Amour who had benn priest there in earlier years

Familiar names found in Val d'Amour are

Albert, Audet, Banville, Barthe, Benson, Bernier, Blanchard, Borris
Bouchard, Boudreau, Bujold, Caissie, Chabot, Charest, Christie, Clavet(te)
Cleveland, Cote, Cyr, Degraces, Deschesnes, Doucet, Dube, Fallu, Flower
Fontaine, Francoeur, Gaudet, Gillis, Girard, Goulet, Hache, Irving
Johnson, Lagace(Legacy,Legace), Landry, Lavoie, Leboeuf, Leblanc
Levesque, L'Italien, Long, Lurette, Maltais, Matte, Nadeau, Ouellette
Parent, Perron, Pitre, Power, Ratte, Raymond, Reel, Robichaud, Roussie
Roy, Savoie, Soucy, Theriault, Thibeau, Villeneuve

And many many more

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