Volume Two!

  • ITS HERE!!
    Volume Two of Irene Doyle's History and Genealogy Book.
    Campbellton's Family Album, A Walk Through Time
    This book has 160 pages, 120 older pictures of the area.
    It depicts life in Campbellton, through the history of its Pioneer families such as Gerrard, MacMillan, Christopher, Price, Prichard, Shaw, Renault, Leclair, Losier, Taylor, Mowat and many more. It also gives the history of Schools, Hotels, streets, etc...
    Giving their family history and genealogy.
  • It sells for $25.00 plus postage ($2.50), Canadian and $25.00 US postage included.
    (It is larger than Volume One by 27 pages, thus weighs more and publishing cost is higher)
If you are interested in purchasing Volume Two, pls email me, send me your home address, along with a cheque or money order payable to :

Irene Doyle
and mail to:
5 Prince William street, apt. 3 (In back)
Campbellton, NB.
E3N 1X1

Or if you just have questions about it
E-mail me:

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