Monsignor Raymond Miles Hickey


Raymond Miles Hickey
born in Jacquet River

September 12/1905

Son of Alexander Hickey and Clara Landry

Alexander son of Peter Hickey and Mary A. Toner
was 26 when he married

Clara daughter of Mary Ann Landry
was 16 when she married

Alexander and Clara were married June 6/1898

Peter Hickey was son of John Hickey and Margaret Lapointe

Children of John Hickey and Margaret Audet Lapointe
Originaly of Maria Prov. Quebec

Alexandre born April 2/1827

David born Sept. 06/1832

Eward born Oct. 03/1816

George born June 04/1818

James born Mar. 25/1825

Jean Francois born Nov.10/1814

Pierre born Sept. 04/1829

William born May 05/1820
married Sept 10/1849 to
Angelique Lebrun
daughter of Augustin and Adelaide Leblanc

Marie born Sept. 11/1842

John Hickey son of John Hickey and Mary Hickey
married July 12/1813 to
Marguerite Audet Lapointe
daughter of Gabriel Audet Lapointe and Marie Desnoyers

Monsignor Hickey attended St Thomas University of Chatham, NB
the Holy Heart Seminary in Halifax

Ordained priests at St Michael's Cathedral
in Chatham, NB, (now Miramichi) on June 25/1933
From 1933 to 1937 he was pastor of the parish of
"Notre Dame du Sacré Coeur" of Bathurst
He was an army Chaplain during WW2
between the years 1940 to 1946
Then came to Campbellton where he was pastor
of the Saint Thomas Aquinas church from 1946-1953

In Campbellton was where he had his most famous book published
He tells the story of the
North Shore Regiment during the war years
The book, Scarlet Dawn has been re-printed many times
and is still available today. The name comes from his memories
while in Normandy, watching the sky light up from shell fire
from the Allied troops, during the famous Normandy Landing

He fought side by side with many of his friends, students
and neighbors
He would say "they were all kids and I was an old man at 34"
During the famous landing at Normandy, he bravely administered
the last rites to many of them

The church gave him the title of Monsignor in 1956

From 1953 to 1963, he was pastor at the St Mary's Church
in Newcastle, NB. At which time he retired after suffering
a heart attack. After his retirement, he did some oil paintings
from his memories during the war, he wrote some other stories
having in mind to get them published later

He was in Carpiquet France when he died on Sept. 13/1987
at age 82, attending the unveiling of a monument marking
a site in the Battle of Normandy

Of course when a person dies abroad its quite
a task to get their body back to Canada and his death
was no exception.

I had the pleasure of working with his niece
and met the Monsignor who was a very interesting
man to chat with. A Twenty One Gun Salute was fired
at his military funeral which was very well attended

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