The Duffs of Restigouche County

Alexander Duff , born Logierait, Pertshire Parish, Scotland in 1802,
married to Elizabeth Malcolm on Mar. 12/1829 in the Parish of
Addington, Restigouche county (then Gloucester)
Duff Christina (sister to Alexander) born in Logierait, Pertshire Parish
in 1809, married Peter Smith also in Addington parish

William Duff, born East River Pictou County in 1821,
(great grandfather to Al E. Haggart)
inherited the Duff farm in what is now New Glasgow.
Alexander, Peter, Christianne were siblings to William
The family emigrated from central Perthshire in 1817.

Al Haggart has in his possession, a leasing agreement dated 1808
when Alexander Duff Sr.(father of Alexander, Robert, Christina, Peter
William and 5 others) was living in Logierait parish in "Balnafuran"
farm and leaving "Balnafuran" to occupy "Pottie Hill" farm in Dron parish
about 20 miles south. Both of these are in Perthshire. There is a letter
of reference dated 1816 from the Minister of Logierait Church
attesting to his character. That letter appears to be related to his
emigration to Nova Scotia in 1817. Alexandre and Robert would both be children then.

In the 1851 census we find the following :
Duff Alexander age 49, Husband, Scot, 1817, Farmer, Prop.
(Malcolm no doubt) Elizabeth, age 45, Wife, Scot, Birth
Albert 22, lumberer,
Alexander 20, lumberer
Isabella 19, at service
Jossie 17
John 14
Mary 12
Peter 9
William 7
Nancy 5
George 11 months

There are also two other Duffs living with Charles Simond
a barister and listed as such in the parish of Dalhousie
Duff Daniel age 38, Scot, 1830, labourer
Duff Alice age 26, Irish 1849

Also in Dalhousie
Duff Elizabeth age 21, Scot, birth, Servant
listed with the family of Francis Hunter, age 49, widow and Innkeeper..

In the 1861 census we find the following:
1..SMITH Peter age 70 Scot Blacksmith
2.. Christina (DUFF) wife, age 50 Nova Scotian
3.. James son age 39
4..Archibald son age 36
5..Christina daughter age 34
6..Donald son age 17
7..Robert son age 15
8..Hugh son age 9

Donald Duff is still in Dalhousie probably Daniel as they use those two
names as one often.. he is listed as age 47, labourer, scotish living at
John and Jane Chandler of PEI ...

Duff Alexander age 59, scot, farmer, prop.
wife Elizabeth age 54
Jessie age 25
John age 22
Mary age 19
Peter age 16
William age 14
Nancy age 12
George age 10
Barbara Kame (grand daughter age 5) this could be Kane or Cain also ??

1871 census
Duff Alex age 69, Scotland, ch of Scotland, Farmer
Elizabeth wife age 63, NB,
Mary age 28
George age 19
Nancy age 20
Robert age 5

1881 census
Duff Alexander age 78, Scot. Presby. Farmer, married
Elizabeth age 74, married
George age 32, Presb. scot., married
Mary Ann age 30, presb, scot, married (probably George's wife)
Robert age 14, son of George

1891 census
Duff Catherine age 33, Servant at Severa and Jane Johnson's
(both in their 70's) and Duff Mary, her daughter age 7 in Dalhousie parish...

In Addington, 1891
Duff Robert age 25, brakesman, lodger at Mary Gorham age 54 and her family

also in Addington Duff George age 40 , Farmer
Mary age 42
Amanda age 19
Georgina ge 10
Ethel age 8
Charles S. age 8
Enright Edison Edwar age 22 from PEI and a servant..

In the local rural cemetery I find :
Duff, Mary Ann Murray, 1842-1922 wife of
George Duff 1850-1930
their children
1882 Charles Duff 1910
1882 Ethel Duff 1911

Robert George Duff 1866-1929
his wife
Mary Elizabeth Willett 1880-1953
Their children
Robert Alexander 1906-1913
Jessica Alexandra 1916-1916
Revell George Duff 1910-1955

and a marker on the same lot,
Glenn Howard Dryden infant son of Mr and Mrs H. A. Dryden
Mar. 26-1953 --- apr. 30-1953

IN the Old athol house cemetery in Atholville
Alexander of Pertshire
Scotland, died
Apr. 1/1884 aged
82 yrs

Smith Robert age 53, of Campbellton son of Peter and Christy Duff
married Dec. 5/1900
Sarah Glover of Kempt Road, living in Campbellton age 52,
daughter of Walter Glover and Ann Linklette

Letter from Alexander Duff To Brother Peter in Pictou NS.

Letter from Robert Duff, Eel River, NB., to Parents in Pictou NS.

Duff's lake and its history

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