The MacLean Family of Restigouche County

Angus MacLean
Native of the Isle of Mull

Angus and three of his brothers came from the Isle of Mull
to British North America. Angus had settled in Quebec with his family,
then he moved to New-Brunswick a few years later. His brothers emigrated
to different places: one to Western Canada, one to Nova Scotia and the other
may have gone to P.E.I. according to Donald W. Mac Lean to who I am grateful
for most of the information on this family.

Angus Mac Lean Sr. and his wife were among the first Scotish settlers of the Bay of Chaleur.
Census show him coming to New-Brunswick in 1814 and his son John in 1815.
Angus probably came first from Quebec, leaving his family behind and they
followed a few years later. A son Daniel and daughter Agnes were born and died
in Quebec between 1815 and 1819. A daughter Elizabeth was born in New-Brunswick around 1823.

The family name story, according to Donald, goes like this:
On the Isle of Mull, it was MacLean but sometimes before 1850 the family, like most Highland Scots, began to abbreviate the patronymic prefix to Mc. Then by 1913, a return to the Mac spelling had been initiated by his own branch of the family at least.

In September of 1831, Angus MacLean Sr. got his grant to 200 acre Lot 9 at Black Land, Parish of Addington, County of Gloucester. (Restigouche County was not established until 1837)
His land petition is dated March 24/1831 and he states having cleared about 15 acres, built a house and barn.

October 14/1834, Angus MacLean Sr., sells Lot 9 to his son Angus MacLean Jr., for 200 pounds. He must have made extensive repairs and additions to the property as that is a high price for a 200 acre lot and building for those days.

The 1851 Restigouche County census list Angus MacLean Sr., as a widower, aged 77 years old, living with John Murchie and his wife Mary McMillan and their daughter Mary. They are in the parish of Colborne.

Donald MacLean found that Angus MacLean Sr.,'s family was listed in the census listing for Kilvickeon for 1779 as such:

MacLean Neil age 36
John his son age 12
Charles his son age 6
Donald his son age 3
Angus his son age 1
His wife and daughter

The name of Angus MacLean Sr's wife was found on the deed, record of sale of Lot 9 to Angus Jr., she was Mary Sinclair.

Their marriage record was found in the Old Parish of Glasgow for 1808, and discovered by the Scots Ancestry Research society.

Angus McLean, dyer in Glasgow and Mary Sinclair resident there married 3rd June 1808 by Mr John McLaurin, Minister of the Gaelic Chapel in Glasgow".

The society also discovered birth records for sons Neil and John

The birth record for Mary Sinclair was also found as such:
"1788, John Sinclair, stocking maker, and Susanna Fleckfield a lawful daughter Mary born 8th May. Witnesses John Wright and Archibald Davidson"

"Agnes Sinclair born Aug. 14/1786, witness: Daniel Sinclair and Archibald Johnston
"Archibald born June 12/1790 at Dalmarnock (3rd child)

Other children born to John and Sussana and noted by the Scots Ancestry Research Society
Three additional children born to John Sinclair and Susannah Fleckfield are noted by the Composite Index of the Old Parish Registers for Scotland available at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Saint John.

"Daniel born January 21/1793, Parish of Glasgow"
"John born July 3/1795, Parish of Glasgow"
"Francis born October 16/1797, Parish of Glasgow

Little information can be found (as usual) in Quebec about Angus and Mary's stay there.

In New-Brunswick, Angus and Mary fished and farmed. A record of sale of personal property sold by Angus to their son John dated March 5/1835 tells us:

"Angus McLean Sr., of Black Land in consideration of 40 pounds to John Mclean all stock of cattle and farming utensils, one yoke of oxen both red in colour, names of Buck and Berry, one milk cow, one young bull, one cart and wheels complete, one coach harrow with iron teeth, one flat boat eighteen feet keel, one vat, one empty puncheon and twelve barrels for curing fish, three barrels salt, four hewn logs of timber, one crosscut saw, one close stove and pipes now remaining and being at my place in Black Land".

Angus Sr. is buried in the New Mills cemetery. The marker for his grave has been gone for quite a few years now. It is not known where Mary Sinclair is buried but no doubt next to him.

Family of Angus MacLean Sr., and Wife Mary Sinclair

Neil MacLean (1809-1871)

John MacLean (1811-c1885)

Angus MacLean Jr.(1813-c1880)

Agnes MacLean (1815-c1817) and Daniel MacLean (1818-1819)

Elizabeth MacLean (c1823-1890)

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